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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 3 четверть (УМК Enjoy English)


1.Определите, в каких текстах (A-F) можно найти ответы на вопросы (1-5). В задании есть один лишний текст.


Which famous brand is connected with …?

  1. selling home-made food

  2. manufacturing world-known electronics

  3. producing the best-selling soft drink in the world

  4. making transport vehicles

  5. producing high quality expensive wristwatch

A Coca-Cola

It is the world’s number one brand and it is recognized by 94% of the world’s population! For many years now, Coca-Cola has been a symbol of American culture. It is also the best-selling soft drink in the world. More than 60,000 products from Coca-Cola company are drunk around the world every minute.

B Rolex

One hundred years ago, few men wore wristwatches: but the Rolex company – based in Switzerland since 1908 – changed all that. They gave us the wristwatches to show the date, the first diving watches, the first sports watch, the first watch to show different time zones…and now Rolex watches (with prices range from $3,000 to $20,000) are worn as a status symbol all over the world.

C Nokia

Although most people in consumer surveys guess that Nokia is a Japanese company, it’s actually from northern Europe! Originally a paper factory on the banks of the river Nokia in Finland, it became the world’s leading mobile phone company in the late 1990’s. Their first commercial mobile, the Mobira Talkman, which appeared in 1984, weighed 5kg. The latest models are a bit lighter, however!

D Samsung

Samsung (the name means “Tree stars”) began as a company in 1938. It originally produced noodles and dried fish! However, the company has come a long way since then. Mobile phones, digital cameras, flat-screen TVs, DVD players… you name it, are all manufactured by this electronics giant from South Korea.

E Mercedes

The makers of cars driven by rich and famous, the Mercedes company has its base in Germany. Emil Jallinek, a wealthy banker who bought and loved cars, named the car Mercedes after his nine-year-old daughter. And the famous three-point Mercedes star was designed to symbolize the growth of the business into transport on land, see and air.


The famous face which is seen at more than 9,000 KFC restaurants worldwide actually belonged to a real person: Colonel Harland Sanders. At different times he was a soldier, an insurance agent, a tyre salesman and worked in his parents’ petrol station. When he saw that people were more interested in his home-made food than the petrol he was selling, he decided to open his first restaurant in Utah, the USA, in the early 1950s. Colonel Sanders is also remembered for organizing the biggest party in history – about 35,000 people attended his seventy-ninth birthday in 1970.

2.Прочитайте текст и определите, какой вариант ответа (A-D) является правильным.

Hundreds of wannabe pop stars 1___ patiently in the rain outside London’s Wembley Conference Centre yesterday. They were all hoping for the chance 2___ in a TV talent competition which 3___ five youngsters chosen to create a new pop group. First in the queue 4___ 20-year-old Catherine Hill from Hayes in Kent.

I 5___ here since midnight”, she said as the doors opened. “I’ve got thirty seconds to show what I 6___ do. I 7___ it’s going to be worth it.”

I’ve wanted to be a pop star ever since I was little”, 8___ 18-year-old Anton Yardley from Northampton. “I 9___ singing and dancing lessons for over a year… this is my big chance!”

But judge Davina McAndrew was less optimistic when we spoke to her at the end of the day. “Occasionally, you see someone who you know is going to be a star. But, to be honest, I 10___ anything that really excites me today.”


A waited

B will wait

C wait

D are waiting


A star

B will star

C to star

D had stared


A would see

B see

C had seen

D was seen


A be

B is

C were

D was


A was

B has been

C will be

D have been


A can

B must

C am to

D may


A will know

B had know

C know

D was known


A say

B said

C was said

D will say


A will be taking

B took

C am taking

D have been taking


A won’t see

B haven’t seen

C wasn’t seen

D hadn’t seen

3. Прочитайте текст и преобразуйте слова так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

I always wanted to be a great 1___ (SCIENCE). I had the dreams of discovering a new drug that would save the lives of hundreds of people. Unfortunately, I was never good at 2___ (CHEMIST) at school and the teacher used to be very cross with me. After a while I decided I would become an 3___(INVENT) and design an amazing new 4___ (PRODUCE) which would become a household name. A few weeks later I had a brilliant idea for a pen that would write upside down. To my 5___ (DISAPPOINT) a friend of mine pointed out that it was not a new 6___ (DISCOVER).

4. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу возвратные местоимения.

1. He wants to drive the car ______.

2. The children want to read the book ________. 

3. Helen and Jane, do you want to wash dishes _______?

4. Henry, do you want to repair the radio ______ ?

5. We can install this program _______.

6. Mary can not do it ______.

5. Перепишите предложения в косвенной речи, обратите внимание на изменение местоимений и видовременных форм глаголов.

1. They said, "This is our book."

They said __________.

2. She said, "I went to the cinema yesterday."

She said __________.

3. He said, "I am writing a test tomorrow."

He said __________.

4. You said, "I will do this for him."

You said __________.

5. She said, "I am not hungry now."

She said __________.

6. They said, "We have never been here before."

They said __________.

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