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Контрольная работа по английскому языку (6 класс) к учебнику О.В. Афанасьевой. III четверть (запись №68)

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Test in the English Language

Group 6 A, Term III


(name and surname)

Listen to the text “American Food and Drink” and mark the statements with  or 

  • American food is very different.

  • Doughnuts were originally from America.

  • Fast food is very famous in the USA.

  • Americans don’t like to eat a lot.

  • On weekends Americans have a large late breakfast.

Read the text “Women’s Rights” and answer the questions.


At the beginning of the 19th century women in America did not have equal rights with men. They did not have the right to speak in public, to vote. They were not allowed to study at most colleges. In most states married women could not own land or houses. Two women, Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott, decided to meet with other women to try to change laws and customs. In 1848 women from all over the country met to discuss women’s rights. After their meeting where all men and women were declared equal, women began to speak publicly about their rights: the right to own and sell property, to get education, to work at any job or in any profession, to vote; in fact to be equal with men.

Many years passed before women began to receive these rights. Many women understood they had to work together for the rights of all people, be they black or white, men or women, slaves or free.

1. Did women in America have equal rights with men at the beginning of the 19th century?


2. What were women not allowed to do?



3. Who decided to try to change laws and customs?


4. What rights did women get?



5. What did women understand?


Make sure that you know these facts of American political system and complete the sentences.

  1. The Revolutionary War (The War of Independence) began in 1775 and was over in ______.

  2. The US Constitution was written in _______________________.

  3. The Congress consists of the ____________ and the _______________________________.

  4. There are ________________ senators in the Congress.

  5. A senator’s term is________ years.

  6. All in all there are ________ congressmen and congresswomen in the House of Representatives.

  7. A representative’s term is _______ years.

  8. The President’s term is _______ years.

  9. In America one can be President for no more than ______ years.

  10. The US Supreme Court is made of _______ judges.

Mark the words with their definition.

  1. The Constitution

  2. A congress

  3. The Senate

  4. The Press

  5. The vice president

  6. The Cabinet

  1. is the main law of the country.

  2. all the newspapers that are published in a country.

  3. is elected together with the President of the country.

  4. is one of the houses in the US Congress.

  5. is a group of important ministers who help a president.

  6. is a large meeting of people coming from different parts of the country.

1. a) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .

Put the verbs in the right form to complete the sentences.

George Washington was a famous American president. By the time he was 11 his father had died (die). By the age of 15 he ___________________ (learn) to ride a horse, to hunt, to shoot, to sail and to swim. By the age of 17 he ___________________ (start) work to measure land. He spent hours on horseback in all kinds of weather. Before the end of the Revolutionary War he _____________________ (become) Commander in Chief of the Colonial Army. By the year 1790 George Washington ___________________ (promise) to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” and ______________ (become) the first President of the country. Before he retires he _________________(serve) two terms.

Score _______ out of 31 (______%)

Teacher _________________


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