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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс с ключами

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

8 класс

  1. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

A passenger addressed a lady travelling in the same compartment:

"Have you a family, madam?"

"Yes sir, one son."

"Indeed! Does he smoke?"

"No, sir, he has never touched a cigarette."

"So much the better, madam. Tobacco is poison. Does he drink wine?"

"Oh, no, he has never taken a drop of it."

"Then I congratulate you. Does he come late at night?"

"Never. He always goes to bed right after dinner."

"He is a model young man, madam. How old is he?"

"Five years, sir."


1. Why did the man call the lady's son a model young man?

2. Where did the conversation take place?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

Не always goes to bed right after dinner.

III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.

So far everything (1 — be) good. Mick and Biddy (2 — get) into Mrs Simpson's house and (3 — find) the Picasso painting in the sitting room. Biddy (4 — put) it into the bag and (5 — climb) out of the window.

Mick (6 — be) about to follow her when the light (7 — go) on and he (8 — see) Mrs Simpson in the doorway.

"What you (9 – think) you (10- do)?" (11- ask) Mrs Simpson. She (12 — run) to the telephone, but Mick (13 — get) there first. He (14— put) his hand over her mouth, then (15 — gag) her with a scarf. Mrs Simpson (16 — try) to make a noise (17 — stare) at him. From outside the window Mick (18 — hear) Biddy (19-whisper), "What (20- happen)?"

Mick (21 — pull) a rope out of his pocket and (22 — tie) Mrs Simpson's hands behind her back. Mrs Simpson (23 — make) louder noises and Mick (24 — say), "What (25 — be) the matter? I (26 — take) the gag off if you (27 — promise) you not (28 — scream)." Mrs Simpson (29 — nod) and Mick (30 — take) the gag off.

Mick (31 — be) on the way to the window when Mrs Simpson (32 — ask) him to untie her hands before he (33 — leave). He (34 — do) it and (35 — run) like mad to the window. Mrs Simpson (36 — ring) the police, "This (37 — be) Fionna Simpson (38 — ring), I just (39 — have) a burglary. Yes, a Picasso. No, the real one (40 — hide) in a safe."

IV. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. There ... three sheep in the yard.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) are.

2. The concert is ... over.

a) near, b) nearly, c) about, d) always.

3. What are you looking ... ?— Gloves, I can't find them.

a) on, b) at, c) f6r, d) of.

4. I like the idea. It sounds ... to me.

a) good, b) well, c) bad, d) badly.

5. Nothing could make her ... her mind.

a) change, b) changing, c) to change, d) to have changed.

6. When ... the road look left, then right.

a) cross, b) to cross, c) crossing, d) to be crossing.

7. She is happy ... the final examination successfully.

a) to pass, b) to be passing, c) to be passed, d) to have passed.

8. Has ... happened? She looks upset.

a) something, b) anything, c) nothing, d) somewhat.

9. They watched the car ... at the entrance.

a) stop, b) stopped, c) to stop, d) to have stopped.

10. Jane is known ... the first prize in the competition.

a) to win, b) to be won, c) to have won, d) winning.

11. We did not... ask her twice, she agreed at once.

a) can, b) ought to, c) have to, d) must.

12. How ... pages have you read?

a) much, b) many, c) more, d) most.

13. Judy came 5 minutes ... than her husband.

a) late, b) later, c) latest, d) least.

14. Ann suggested ... to the concert.

a) to go, b) to be going, c) going, d) to have gone.

15. If I were you I... the book.

a) bought, b) have bought, c) will buy, d) would buy.

16. We didn't know their address ... .

a) also, b) too, c) either, d) neither.

17. The children promised to call their parents as soon as they ... .

a) arrive, b) will arrive, c) arrived, d) would arrive.

18. It ... three years since we last met.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) have been.

19. They ... by 5.

a) have returned, b) had returned, c) returned, d) has returned.

20. Nobody knew where ... at the moment.

a) she is, b) she has been, c) she was, d) had been.

V. Переведите на английский язык.

1. Об этом фильме в последнее время много говорят.

2. Что вы делали вчера в это время?

3. Где вы шили себе это платье?

4. Я тоже не знаю, где он.

5. Она спросила, где ближайшее метро.

VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Boston is in....

a) Florida, b) Mexico, c) Texas, d) Massachusetts.

2. Gulf Stream originates in ... .

a) the Gulf of Mexico, b) the Persian Gulf, c) the Gibraltar, d) the Panama Canal.

3. The Tower of London now is ... .

a) a prison, b) a royal residence, c) a museum, d) a burial place.

4. Englishmen eat dinner at....

a) 11 a.m., b) 2 p.m., с) б p.m„ d) 9 p.m.

5. A brunch is ... .

a) breakfast, b) late breakfast, c) dinner, d) a tea party.

Ключи к тесту:


1. He called him a model young man because he didn't smoke, of drink, or come home late at night (neither smoked, nor drank,..;). ' ,

2. The conversation took place on the tram (in a train compartment).


When does he always go to bed?


1 — was, 2 — got, 3 — founds 4— put, 5 — climbed, 6 — was, 7 — went, 8— saw, 9 — do think, 10— are doing, 11 — asked, 12— ran, 13— got, 14— put, 15— gagged, 16— tried, 17— staring, 18— heard, 19 — whispering, 20— is happening, 21— pulled, 22 — tied, 23— made, 24— said, 25— is, 26— shall take, 27— promise, 28— will not scream, 29 — nodded, 30 - took, 31 - was, 32- asked, 33 - left, 34 - did, 35-ran, 36 — rang, 37 — is, 38 — ringing, 39 — have had, 40 — is hidden.


1- d, 2- b, 3- с, 4- а, 5- а, 6- с, 7- d, 8- b, 9- a, io-с, 11- с, 12- b, 13-b, 14- с, 15- d, 16-с, 17- с, 18 — с, 19-b, 20- с.


1. This film has been much spoken about lately.

2. What were you doing at this time yesterday?

3. Where did you have this dress made?

4. I don't know where he is either.

5. She asked where the nearest metro was.


1- d, 2-a, 3- с, 4-c,5-b.

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