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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс УМК "Forward"



Name, surname _____________________ Form _________

1. Listen to Trevor and complete the sentences.

I earn ____________ a week at the RAP.

I usually spend ___________ on CDs, sweets and crisps, and I usually ______ about five pounds.

2. Read the following text and the statements. Write TRUE, FALSE or NOT STATED.

Winter sports made their Olympic debut in 1908, when ice figure skating was included in the Olympic programme among summer sports. It was as early as the 16th century that ice skating became a popular sport in Holland. However, it took three centuries to develop the rules and structure of international competitions. In Russia the first skating rink was opened in 1865. Nowadays, Russian athletes are among the best in most kinds of figure skating, but we cannot help mentioning the legend of ice figure skating, Sonya Heiny, from Norway. She won 10 world championships and three Olympics.

In 1925 the International Olympic Committee decided to consider the International Winter Sports Week that had taken place in Chamonix, France, to be the first Winter Olympic Games. Since then winter and summer Olympics have been held regularly every four years with only three exceptions. During the two world Wars the games could not take place in 1916, 1904 and 1944.

1) The first winter sport included into the programme of the Olympics was ice figure skating. ______________

2) It took a long time to develop rules and structure of the Olympic Games. __________________________

3) Skiing is not very popular winter sport in Holland. ___________

4) In Russia the first skating rink appeared in the 18th century._________

5) Sonya Heiny was a legendary Russian sportswoman. ______________

6) The first Winter Olympic Games took place in France. ______________

7) The second Winter Olympics took place in Norway. _______________

8) Winter and summer Olympic Games are held regularly every four years. _______

9) There were international Olympic Games during World War 2. ______

3. Read and complete the story with the verbs in the forms of Present Simple, Past Simple or Present Perfect.

A Lot of Work

I live and ___________ (work) in London. At the weekends I usually ____________ (go) to the countryside to see my grandma. I never go there by car. I need to relax, so I take a bus. Last weekend I _______(go) to the country, too. In the bus I _______ (see) an old friend of mine. She _________ (look) very tired. I asked her, “Why are you so tired? Did you have a lot of work today?”. She answered, “ Oh yes, I did. I ______ never ______ (had) so much work. My boss _______(get) absolutely crazy.

He ______ never ______ (give) so many errands to me before!” I ______(feel) really sorry for her and __________(invite) to a café for a cup of coffee. She _____(be) happy to join me.

4. Complete the sentences with the words much, too many, enough.

1) There are ________________ many ecological problems nowadays.

2) There isn’t _______________ fresh air in the big cities.

3) Have you got ____________ money to buy IPhone 6?

4) Some families don’t have _____________ money to buy expensive things.

5) There are so ________ places I want to visit! For example, Disneyland in Paris.

5. What was happening when Caroline came home?

Example: When Caroline came home her cat __was drinking_(drink) milk.


1. When Caroline came home her father _________________ (read) a newspaper.

2. When Caroline came home her mother ________________ (work) with documents.

3. When Caroline came home her granny _________________(read) a book.

4. When Caroline came home her brothers _________________ (play) computer games.

5. When Caroline came home her grandfather _______________ (watch) TV.

6. When Caroline came home her dog __________________ (sleep).

6. Give advice. Use should or shouldn’t. Express your viewpoint.

Example: I have just seen a criminal.

I believe, you should stop him and call the police.

1. I lost my new mobile phone.

___________, you _______________________________________

2. Mary’s mum is angry with her. Her room is too dirty.

__________, she _________________________________________

3. Alex’s got problems with Biology. He got a bad mark for the test.

_________, he ___________________________________________

4. I don’t have enough money to buy this book.

_________ , you _________________________________________

5. Bob’s family is very big but he has got only two rooms in his flat.

_________, he ___________________________________________

6. Mark and Joe have become very fat recently.

__________, they _________________________________________

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