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Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему "Holidays" (10 класс) УМК Английский в фокусе

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Control Work 5 “Holidays”

Variant 2


A Match the words /phrases in Column A with the words /phrases in Column B.

Column A Column B

1 delayed……….. A festival

2 spectacular……….. B brochure

3 annual………… C excursion

4 travel……. D flight

5 trekking…………. E scenery

B Fill in the correct word.

wits bird’s eye view experience fishing net digestive system

6 Sometimes dolphins or seals get caught in …. and are injured.

7 The haunted house ride scared Julie out of her….. .

8 You have a … of the bay from the top of that hill.

9 Travelling to China was truly a(n)…. of a lifetime.

10 Rubbish sometimes ends up in an animal’s … and harms them.

C Choose the correct answer A, B, C.

11 By the time Bob came home, Laura … dinner.

A cooked B had cooked C was cooking

12 What … at 6 o’clock? I couldn’t get in touch with you.

A did you do B had you done C were you doing

13 Mary left work very late. She … letters all day.

A was typing B had typed C had been typing

14 She had been waiting … two hours before she left.

A since B after C for

15 They … a lot of souvenirs during their trip last year.

A bought B had bought C had been buying

D Underline the correct word.

16 We’ll go to an excursion/exhibition at the museum.

17 Our weekend tour/ trip to Rome was great.

18 We had to trek/ step up a rocky mountain to reach the monastery.

19 The west coast/seaside of Ireland is beautiful.

20 My parents always hire/rent a tour guide when they go abroad.

21 He ran as fast as he could but didn’t manage to take/catch the bus.

E Fill in the correct word from the list to from compound nouns.

nasty chilly handicraft sickness peaks delays

22 You could see the snow … of the Swiss Alps from our hotel window.

23 People should have a flu jab to protect themselves from … viruses.

24 People were experiencing a number of flight … due to the bad weather.

25 We had … weather for a couple of days.

26 She doesn’t enjoy flying because she suffers from travel … .

27 He is a cabinetmaker, so he has a very expensive set of …. tools.

F Choose the correct answer A, B, C.

28 It’s getting late. We’d better hit the … .

A port B track C road

29 Get … and I’ll drive you home.

A by B in C around

30 How often do you travel … train?

A in B on C by

31 I don’t know how you can get … on such a low salary.

A by B on C in

32 It might be off the beaten …, but it’s a town well worth visiting.

A heart B road C track

Ответы к контрольной работе №5 (вариант 2)

A 1- d

2- e

3- a

4- b

5- c

B 6- fishing net

7- wits

8- bird’s eye view


10 – digestive system

C 11- b

12 – c

13 – c

14 – c

15 – a

D 16 – exhibition

17 – trip

18 – trek

19 – coast

20 – hire

21 – catch

E 22 - peaks

23 – nasty

24 – delays

25 – chilly

26 – sickness

27 – handicraft

F 28 – c

29 – b

30 – c

31 – a

32 - c

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