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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему "Путешествие по России"(5 класс)

Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему "Путешествие по России"(5 класс)

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Test 5


  1. Listen to the texts and match them with the statements.

  1. Anna didn’t go away for her holidays.

  2. Sasha is good at taking pictures.

  3. Olga doesn’t usually travel when she is on holidays.


  1. Read the text and complete the sentences after it.

My name is Nina. Last spring my sister and I went to Smolensk to visit our aunt and uncle. It is an old Russian city in the west of our country. But it is a modern city too with big supermarkets, hotels, cinemas and theatres. I think the people who live in Smolensk are theatergoers. They have got many theatres in their city. We visited the children’s theatre and the Puppet Theatre too. There are two picture galleries in Smolensk. They have very interesting collections of paintings. There are lots of churches in the city. Some of them are in the city centre. They are very beautiful. Lots of people from our country and abroad come to this famous place and enjoy staying there.

  1. The girls went to Smolensk to visit … .

  1. some of their family

  2. their friends

  3. their great-grandparents

  1. Smolensk is … .

  1. an old city

  2. an old and modern city

  3. a modern city

  1. Nina … that people of Smolensk are theatergoers.

  1. feels

  2. writes

  3. hopes

  1. The girls visited … theatres in Smolensk/

  1. two

  2. three

  3. no

  1. in Smolensk are very beautiful.

  1. The picture gallery

  2. The theatres

  3. The churches

  1. USE OF ENGLISH (Grammar and Vocabulary)

  1. Complete the sentences.

  1. 1) What is the way to (their/theirs) house?

2) This coat is not (my/mine), it is (her/hers).

3) (Our/ours) trip was a success. It was much better than (your/yours).

  1. 4) (Tell/say) them to stay where they are.

  1. Come in,” she (said/told), opening the door.

  2. My aunt is very good at (saying/telling) bedtime stories.

  1. Use the prepositions from the box to complete the sentences.

  1. How can I get _____ the railway station?

  2. Is the airport far ______ the city centre?

  3. We often travel _____ car.

  4. The taxi stopped and the young girl got _____ of it.

  5. Go strait _____ and then turn left. You can’t miss it.


Speak about the place where you live.


Write Dictation № 5.

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