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Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему" Здоровый образ жизни"( 9 класс)

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Контрольная работа Unit 4

  1. Listen to two girls and write:

  1. Who does Jane have her problem with? What's the problem?

  2. Who does Liz have her problem with? What's the problem?

  1. Read the advice. Is it the advice for Jane or Liz? Continue the sentences with information from the text. Which of these things is the girl advised to do? Which isn't she advised to do? / Why not?

Model: Keep your diary on the... Liz is advised to keep her diary on the computer, because...

  1. Keep your diary on the...

  2. Tell your parents everything.

  3. Give your sister and brother some of your pocket money...

  4. Make a fake diary and...

  5. Hide your diary in a place where...

I can see that your little brother and sister are really making life difficult for you. You could tell your parents about their behaviour but will it help? I think your parents will just tell you that you shouldn't pay any attention because your brother and sister are young and silly. You could also try and give your brother and sister some of your pocket money and make them promise to leave you alone, but it won't work for long. Soon they'll want more money or something else. So try to be cleverer than them. First of all, hide your diary. You can keep it on the computer or, if you don't have one, hide it in a place where your brother and sister will never find it. Or make a fake diary and write a message to your brother and sister in it. Then watch them read it and laugh your head off!

3 .Make up a new sentence. Use a complex object.

Model: He has to read more. His mother would like it. — His mother would like him to read more.

  1. She has to reach a compromise with her brother. Her parents expect it.

  2. All the pupils have to like English. Mr Reed wants it.

  3. Peter has to do chores. His mother expects it.

  4. Alex watched a very boring film. His girl friend made him.

  5. Mary can't go out. Her parents don't let her.

4 .Translate into Russian.

  1. They want us to visit them next month.

  2. I know him to be a very good doctor.

  3. Nobody let these children leave their room.

  4. Don't make me say that again.

  5. I wouldn't like them to know my name.

5 .Fill in the gaps. Use do or make.

  1. He asked me to ... him a favour.

  2. Don't ... him eat if he doesn't want to.

  3. Anybody who ... this mistake has to ... Exercise 5 again.

  4. You'll have to give up this job because you aren't ... enough money.

  5. What does his sister ...? — She's a singer.

  6. I'd like to ... more friends at my new school. At the moment I have to hang out with my younger brother.

6. Подберите синоним к подчеркнутым словам.

1. I'm fed up with my little sister.

  1. I've had enough of her.

  2. I don't like her.

  3. I don't understand her.

2. She says she couldn't care less.

  1. She doesn't agree.

  2. It doesn't matter to her.

  3. She is upset.

3. When I walked into the room, nobody paid any
attention to me.

  1. They ignored me.

  2. They embarrassed me.

  3. They surprised me.

4. Mom is mad with me because I forgot her

  1. She is angry with me.

  2. She agrees with me.

  3. She couldn't care less about me.

5. My brother's behaviour embarrassed me.

  1. made me feel proud

  2. made me feel uncomfortable

  3. made me feel angry

6. Why do I always have to do all the chores?

  1. all the housework

  2. all the boring things

  3. all the exams

7. When I grow up, I'll get a good education.

  1. become older

  2. become younger

  3. improve my behaviour

7.Express the same idea in a different way. Use the expressions below.

to be fed up with smb, to lecture smb, to reach a compromise, to leave smb alone, to pay attention to smb, It didn't occur to me, to embarrass, to be mad with smb, to do chores

1. Some boys at school are ignoring me.

2. never thought about it before.

  1. My parents often nag me about my friends.

  2. We talked about it but we couldn't agree.

  3. My sister's behaviour made me feel uncomfortable.

  4. My parents are very angry because I was late again.

  5. want my parents to leave me alone.

8.1 don't want to do any housework. It's a waste of time.

9. I've had enough of my older brother.

8.Read the text

iFill the gaps.

done my homework and chores, fed up, pay me more attention

I'm __1_____with my parents. They always tell me what to do but hey never listen to me. All they want to know is whether I've___2______. When I want to talk to them, Mom tells me to go and ask Dad, and Dad tells me to go and ask Mom. They give me enough pocket money and buy me nice clothes, but I'd like them to_____. They're there for me. Help!

treat me like a child, Embarrass, lecture, disobey ,control

My parents___1_____ my life. When I make a new friend, they want me to bring him or her to our flat straightaway. If I want to go to a party, they ___2_____me for days about how I should behave and when I should come home. Even if I promise to come home by nine, they still phone me every hour to check where I am. They ____3_______me in front of my friends. When my phone rings, my friends know exactly who it is and call me a mommy's boy. What should I do? I don't want to ___4____my parents, but maybe I should? How do I explain to my parents that I'm fifteen, and they shouldn't_____5____?


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