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Контрольная работа по английскому языку " Радужный английский" 5 класс Unit 2

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Контрольная работа 5 класс ( Unit 2)

I. Read the text. Are these facts true, false or not stated?

Alex Ivanov was born into a doctor's family. He was born on the thirteenth of March. He spent his early years in a small town not far from Moscow. Alex often asked his father about his patients and medicine. He wanted to know how to help people: Alex wanted to become a doctor too, a children's doctor.

When Alex was 18, he left home for Moscow and went to Moscow University. He was a good student. his university years were the happiest years in his life. He did what he liked and enjoyed it.

When he was 24, he met Kate Smirnova. They married and had two children-two boys.
Their boys' names are Sergey and Anton. They are pupils. They like their school and their teachers. The boys are interested in football. Kate is a teacher. She teaches English. They are happy family.

Now Alex is working in a new hospital in Moscow. He loves his job and is making a wonderful career. He is one of the best doctors in his hospital.

1. Alex's father was a farmer.
2. He was born on the 30th of March.
3. He is from a small town.
4. Alex went to Moscow University.
5. He wasn't a good student.
6. There were many students in his group.
7. He is not married.
8. Alex wants to have a daughter.
9. He is a children's doctor.
10. His children like football.

II. Write when the people were born using ordinal numbers.

1. Dick was born on the 5th __________ of March.
2. Ann was born on the 1st __________ of June.
3. Jessica was born on the 13th __________ of January.
4. Martha was born on the 3rd __________ of September.
5. Richard was born on the 22nd __________ of November.
6. Kevin was born on the 6th __________ of August.
7. Sally was born on the 9th __________ of April.

III. Complete the sentences using the words: address, married, become, dream, journalist, magazines, interested, spend, learn, photography.
1. Mr. Brown is a __________. He works for television.
2. My brother's hobby is __________. He likes to take pictures.
3. I don't read children's __________ .
4. At our lessons we __________ a lot of interesting things.
5. What's your __________ ? - I live at 10 Pushkin Street.
6. When Mary's husband died, she __________ again.
7. I want to ___________ a pilot.
8. They are __________ in sport.
9. She doesn't _________ much time on her lunch.
10. My __________ is to travel abroad.

IV. Use the necessary forms of the verbs to complete the story.

Yesterday Tom (get up) at 7 o'clock in the morning. He (eat) his breakfast and (drink) a cup of coffee. He (leave) home for school at 8 o'clock. Tom (spend) many hours at school. He ( come) back home at 4 o'clock. He (do) his homework. His parents (ask) him to help them. tom (feed) his dog and (wash) up. in the evening his father (read) a book and his mother ( watch) TV. Tom (play) with his little brother and (go) to bed at 10 o'clock.

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