Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 3 четверть для 6 класса по УМК Биболетовой М.З.

Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 3 четверть для 6 класса по УМК Биболетовой М.З.

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I. Listen to the members of the Explorer’s club. Match the speakers with their favourite food.

Speaker 1/ Marco Speaker 2 / Jessica

Speaker 3 / Nikita Speaker 4/ Emilie

a) pizza b) fish and chips c) chocolate ice-cream with nuts d) meat dumplings e) apple pie

Say who:

1. ____________________________________ is a vegetarian.

2. ____________________________________ is from Italy.

3. ____________________________________ likes fast food.

4. ____________________________________ prefers meat to fish.

5. ____________________________________ has a sweet tooth.

6. ____________________________________ has a Granny who is a fantastic cook.

7. ____________________________________ knows a recipe for a delicious pie.

II. Read the text about Stephan’s family.

This is my dad. He is the head of the family. He is a computer programmer. He is brave, strong, athletic and friendly. He likes travelling and doing outdoor activity.

Mum works in the Science Museum in London. She is a guide. She likes to be well-dressed. Her favourite colors are green and light-blue. She is very kind and loving. She likes reading, cooking, and spending her free time with me and my little sister Ann.

Ann is five years old. She is curious and talkative. Usually she is obedient but sometimes she is naughty. She likes butterflies and everything that is pink and purple.

Paul is my uncle. He is my father’s brother. He is a taxi driver. He is very smart and intelligent. He doesn't like formal clothes at all. He prefers to wear jeans, pullovers and trainers. He enjoys life with his beautiful wife, Amy, and their cute puppy Sadie.

My granddad is an engineer. He enjoys gardening and a game of ping-pong from time to time. He doesn’t usually talk much. He is very responsible, independent and wise.

My grandma is a librarian. She is the greatest granny in the world. She is very polite and tactful. She has a good sense of humor. She is very interested in other people.

They say we are a close family. We try to spend our free time together and arrange regular dinners and fun birthday parties for all of us.


  • athletic [æƟ’letɪk] спортивный, атлетический

  • friendly [’frendlɪ]  дружелюбный

  • loving [’lʌvɪŋ] любящий

  • talkative [’tɔ:kətɪv] болтливый, разговорчивый

  • obedient [əʋ’bi:dɪənt] послушный

  • intelligent [ɪn’telɪdʒənt] сообразительный

  • wise [waiz] – мудрый

  • polite [pə’laɪt] вежливый

  • tactful [’tæktfəl] тактичный

  • to be interested (in) – интересоваться

Answer the questions about Stephan’s family:

1. What are Stephan’s mother favourite colors?

2. What does his sister like?

3. What does his uncle usually wear?

4. What does his granddad enjoy doing?

5. What does his grandma do?

6. What do they like do together?

III. Complete the sentences. Use the Past Simple or the Present Perfect.

1. He (have breakfast) ____________________ an hour ago.

2. They (never be) _____________________to London.

3. We (buy) ____________________ a present for our Granny yesterday.

4. The students (not to do) ______________________ homework last week.

5. Jane (already clean) ______________________ the room.

6. She (already make) ___________________ the beds.

7. Ann (not water) _____________________ the plants yet.

8. They (buy) ________________ a new car two years ago.

9. Mary (to go)___________________ to a party last Friday.

10. I (not, to read) __________________the book yet.

IV. Запишите выражения одним словом (например, mothers sister - aunt):

Sister’s son, uncle’s daughter, father’s brother, uncle’s wife, mother’s mother, grandmother’s husband, mother and father.

V. Correct each sentence.

1. I has seen the film. 2. He have opened the door. 3. They have clean the room.

4. I haven’t met him two days ago. 5. Have he ever been to Suzdal?

VI. You got a letter from John. Answer it.



March 18, 2014

Dear ______________________,

Thank you for your letter. I am glad you are OK. In your letter you asked me about my family. I have____________. My father is __________.  He is ________ years old. He is _________ . My mother is ____________. She is ____________. She is _______ years old. My sister is __________. She is __________ years old. She is ____________. She likes ____________. I like my family. I like to give them presents. We like _________________________ together. My family is __________________.

I must finish now. Write me soon.



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