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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 четверть (7 класс) по УМК М.З. Биболетовой "Enjoy English"

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PACKING by Jerome K. Jerome

      Holiday time was near now, and we, that is, Harris and George and I met to discuss our plans. Harris said that the first thing was to discuss what to take with us. He also said that we couldn't take the whole world in a boat. They could take what they really needed.

     "It is very important," Harris said, "to have everything we need for a long swim every morning before breakfast." He also said that a long swim always gave him fine appetite. "If you're going to eat more than you usually do," George said, "I think we'll let you go swimming not more than once in three or four days. If you go swimming every day, we'll never have enough food for you. We won't be able to carry so much in the boat. "

      So we discussed the food question. "Begin with breakfast," George said. "For breakfast we must have a tea-pot," Harris said, "ham, eggs, bread and butter and jam. It's easy to prepare breakfast with such things. And for lunch — cold meat, bread and butter and jam — but no cheese. "

        We agreed. Cheese in a boat in summer, little by little becomes the master of all the food. You may think you're eating sausage or meat and potatoes or cake, but it all seems to be cheese.

Task A

Choose the right variant        

1.        George, Harris and Jerome decided to discuss ....

a) future holidays b) the weather   c) the newspaper article

2.        It happened in ....

a) summer        b) spring        c) winter

3.        Harris liked ... very much.

a) boating        b) swimming     c) playing football

4.        He wanted to ... after swimming.

a) eat        b) drink        c) sleep

5.        They decided ... cheese.

a) not to take       b) to take        c) to buy

Task В

Answer the questions:

  1. What is the text about?

  2. Where did the friends want to go?

  3. What could give Harris a good appetite?

  4. Why was cheese the "master" of all food in summer?

  5. Whose idea was to take few clothes?

  1. Fill in the blanks with the articles “a/an” , “the” or “-“.


1___English tourist came to 2___Paris/ it was his first visit there. On 3___same day he sent 4___ telegram to his wife who was in 5___ London. In 6___ telegram he told her 7___ address of 8___ hotel where he was going to stay. He also told her that he was quite well. As he was in 9___ Paris for 10___ first time he wanted to see 11___ places of interest. After 12___ dinner he went for 13___ walk and then decided to go to 14___ theatre to see 15___ new play. It was very late when 16___ play was over. It was 17___ time to go 18___ home. But at that moment he realized that he didn’t know how to get to 19___ hotel as he had forgotten 20___ address. 21___ Englishman was at 22___ loss and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly he remembered sending 23___ telegram to his wife in 24___morning. So, late at 25___ night his wife got 26___ very strange telegram, “Please, send me my address at once.”

  1. Choose the right variant.

    1. I hope, tomorrow I’ll be ___ luck.

      1. of; b) to; c) in; d) for

    2. Ann likes to ___ part ___ different kinds of competitions.

      1. make, of; b) take, in; c) take, of; d) get, in

    3. “It’s interesting to win something ___ nothing”, - Bob said.

      1. for; b) of; c) from; d) far

    4. My friends decided to ___ their chance and make their own film.

      1. true; b) turn; c) try; d) take

    5. Doing this job is a waste ___ time.

      1. for; b) far; c) from; d) of

  1. Write down numbers in words.

  1. 375

  2. 691

  3. 156

  4. 1273

  5. 2568

  1. Write down ordinal numbers.

  1. Первый

  2. Тринадцатый

  3. Девятый

  4. Двадцать второй

  5. Сороковой

  6. Пятьдесят седьмой

  7. Двести восемьдесят третий

  8. Девятнадцатый

  9. Шестьдесят четвертый

  10. Двадцатый

  1. Make 5 sentences with the following words: “enjoy”, “love”, “hate”, “don’t mind”, “like”

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