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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 2 четверть по УМК "FORWARD" (5 класс)

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hello_html_mb2bd1b.gifhello_html_6173da48.gifControl work for the 5th Grade


Task 1. Listen to the speaker and write the names of the children according to their interests.

Sandy Phil Mary David

  1. He / she is interested in history.

  2. His / her hobby is walking in mountains and surfing.

  3. His / her little brothers and sisters like watching cartoons.

  4. He / she is interested in collecting rocks.


Task 2. Read the story and choose the right answer.

A good girl

Two little girls, Lizzie, six, and Kate, seven, went shopping with their mum. They were looking for hats, shoes and coats. Mother bought new shoes for them. The girls came home wearing them. After lunch their brother and dad went fishing, and the girls wanted to go to the river, too. They liked swimming it was a hot day. ‘Ok, but change your shoes. You mustn’t dive girls,’ their mum said.

When they were walking through wet grass and mud down to the riverbank, Kate said: ‘Lizzie! Mum’s going to be very angry! She told you to change your shoes!’

I did,’ Lizzie said. ‘These are yours.’

  1. Kate is…

  1. 5 b. 6 c. 7

  1. Kate and Lizzie are…

  1. Sisters b. friends c. cousins

  1. The girls got new…

  1. Hats b. shoes c. coats

  1. The girls went …

  1. Fishing b. swimming c. diving

  1. Lizzie was wearing …

  1. Her new shoes b. Kate’s old shoes c. Kate’s new shoes

Grammar and writing

Task 3. Complete the sentences using degrees of comparison.

  1. Moscow is __________ (big) city in Russia.

  2. Its population is ________ (large) than population of some countries.

  3. This text is ________ (easy) than the last one.

  4. Who is _______ (tall) student in your class?

  5. Who is your ________ (good) friend?

Task 4. Compete the sentences using an adjective or an adverb.

  1. Small children can be very _________ (noisy / noisily).

  2. My American friend speaks too ___________ (quick / quickly)

  3. This text is ____________ (easy / easily).

  4. I can ________ (easy / easily) do this exercise.

Task 5. Translate the following sentences using the modal verb must or mustn’t.

call a doctor eat many sweets be late for school get up earlier

  1. Он должен раньше вставать.

  2. Сэм должен позвонить доктору.

  3. Тебе нельзя есть много конфет.

  4. Кейт нельзя опаздывать в школу.

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