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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 полугодие для учащихся 9 класса к учебнику Афанасьевой,Михеевой "Английский язык.9 класс"
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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 полугодие для учащихся 9 класса к учебнику Афанасьевой,Михеевой "Английский язык.9 класс"


Тerm test 1. Grade 9

Put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense and form.

  1. Ice (to melt) in a warm climate.

  2. I (to hear) Sarah (to get) married on Saturday.

  3. Professor Smith ( to give) his lectures on Fridays.

  4. Joanna Rowling ( to write) a new Harry Potter book?

  5. Lorna always (to show) off!

  6. I (to forget) where he lives.

  7. If he (to apologise) for being late, I (to forgive) him .

  8. Ask her when she (to return) the books to the library .

  9. When we (to arrive) at the hotel there (to be) no rooms available.

  10. While Jenny (to clean) the floors her little sister (to play) the piano .

  11. Mark just (to return) from London. He (to pick) up a few English phrases while staying there.

  12. The boys (to play) football all day yesterday.

  13. We are all aware of the fact that John (to contribute) articles to this magazine for some time already.

  14. Sports never interested Matilda but now she (to be) so inquisitive about various sports and games.

  15. An old man (to sit) on a bench for half an hour and then (to begin) reading a paper.

  16. They couldn’t understand why George (to be) so rude to them. He was generally nice to his clients.

21 marks.

2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in bold .

1. The king had many ministers, but they were his … . serve

2. The country fought a series of … wars . expense

3. The purpose of the war was to …its own prestige . strength

4. The territory of the state was strengthened, but at a heavy… cost. economy

5. There are … in emphasis in many terms. differ

6. The term “human rights” is used … in international law . most

7. It means the rights to which all human … are entitled. be

8. Climbing Mount Everest is a great … . achieve

9. The Smiths live …, in the house round the corner . near

10. I want to speak to the manager of this … . establish

10 marks.

3.Rewrite the statements using reported speech.

1. “My sister is a mathematical genius” she admitted.

2. “Why was Utopia first published in Latin?” asked the teacher.

3. “Stop picking on me!” he shouted.

4. “What about a glass of pure water?” Ben suggested .

5. “What was happening in this room when you walked in today?” I wondered.

10 marks.

4. Put in the articles where necessary.

1. …thermometer is used for measuring temperature. 2. … Abraham Lincoln served his state for eight years and people began to call him …Honest Abe. 3. ... James Marshall was one of … first to find gold in … California. 4. …Robert Kennedy was …. true Kennedy . 5…John Sutter, … Swiss soldier, had a large ranch in … Northern California. 6. My good friend Mike, … taxi driver, gave me a lift.7. …Feodor Dostoyevskiy, …famous Russian writer, is very well-known in … West. 8. …painter Van Gogh died in poverty. 9. The car, … stolen one, was found in … wood. 10. This car isn’t … Ford. What is its make?

19 marks.

  1. Choose the right words to complete the sentences (phrasal verbs).

1.Most of the time he picks (on, at) his food. 2. I need to pick (up, out) my bags before we leave. 3. I never studied French. I just picked it (at, up) when I was in France. 4. She picked (on, out) the blouse she particularly liked. 5. This tree had to be cut (off, down) for the sake of safety. 6. He cut ( out, off) a big slice of bread. 7. I always cut ( in, up) the food for my baby. 8. Why do you always pick ( at, on) me? 9. I’ll cut this article (from, out) of the magazine. 10. “ I’d like to know the truth”, Bob cut (in, on).

10 marks.

Total: 70 “5”-64, “4”- 53, “3”- 42, “2”- less than 42

KEYS to test 1:


1. melts 1. servants 1. the

2.hear,is getting 2. expensive 2. -, -

3.gives 3. strengthen 3. -,the, -

4.Is Joanna Rowling writing 4. economic 4. -, a

5.is always showing 5. differences 5. -,a, -

6.forget 6. mostly 6. a

7.apologises, will forgive 7. beings 7. - ,the, the

8. will return 8. achievement 8.the

9. arrived, were 9. nearby 9. The, the

10.was cleaning, was playing 10.establishment 10. a

11. has just returned, picked

12.were playing

13. has been contributing

14. is being

15.sat, began

16. was being


  1. She admitted her sister is a mathematical genius.

  2. The teacher asked why Utopia had been first published in Latin.

  3. He shouted to stop picking on him.

  4. Ben suggested having a glass of pure water.

  5. I wondered what had been happening in that room when you had walked in that day.

V At

  1. Up

  2. Up

  3. Out

  4. Down

  5. Off

  6. Up

  7. On

  8. Out

  9. In

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Краткое описание документа:

Данная контрольная работа была использована для проверки качества знаний учащихся 9 класса в конце первого полугодия. Тест составлен на основе учебника О. И. Афанасьевой, Михеевой И.В. "Английский язык.9 класс" и включает в себя задания по пройденному материалу юнитов 1-3. Тест содержит задание на правильное использование времен, словообразование,артикли,фразовые глаголы.

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