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Контрольная работа по чтению

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Task1. Read the texts and set the correspondence between the headlines1-8 and the texts A-G.  Write down your answers in the table. Use the each letter only once. In this task there is one extras.

1.      A great contrast                            5.  The character of the city

2.      City architecture                           6.  Underground protection

3.      A place for everyone                     7.  An unhappy event

4.      A center of commerce                   8.  A slow recovery

A.  At the start of the 20th century, London was a larger, busier place than it had ever been before. One could easily buy fresh fish, meat, flowers, fruits and vegetables, even clocks and diamonds. All kinds of things were sold there. The city was an important place of trade where ships brought goods from all over the world. In those days it was the capital of the largest and strongest empire.

B.  London at that time was a curious mixture. There were almost no middle class people; only very rich or very poor. Although this was a period of great wealth, the normal working man had a hard time earning his living. There was still terrible poverty all around. At the same time some citizens were so rich that they could buy almost anything, even castles.

C.  At the beginning of the 20th century the Tube continued to grow fast. It lasted till the beginning of World War II in 1939. During the bombing of London many Tube stations were used as places where people could hide. Unfinished lines were used for the same purpose. The Tube helped many Londoners to survive in those cruel times.

D.  After the end of World War II step by step a feeling of optimism came to London. The City Council tried to restore the city; to improve the living conditions. People began to look forward into a bright future, rather than back into the terrible past. However, it couldn’t happen fast. London was still damaged by the war, but festivals and exhibitions were already held.

E.  As always, London is a mixture of all possible things. For the tourist it is a safe and exciting environment. You can feel history everywhere but the city remains modern and dynamic. It’s open to everything new and is not afraid of changes. There’s entertainment to any taste. The city fills you with positive emotions and pleasant memories.

F.  Different groups of immigrants have come to London in the second part of the 20th century. They have made this city very cosmopolitan. It is now possible to taste food from every corner of the world in London restaurants. London welcomes people of all cultural backgrounds. Its citizens today come from India, China< Japan> Africa< Arabic countries.

G.  Early in the morning of Sunday 2nd September 1966, a baker’s shop near London Bridge caught fire. In those days the houses were situated very close to each other and made of wood. The fire spread fast into the heart of London because of the wind which blew constantly for the first three days. The results were really awful. Half of the city was in ruins.



















Task 2. Read and reconstruct the text by adding the missing fragments in the gaps.

                  Write the  appropriate letter in the box after each number.

Learning by Doing

In the United States a university professor is granted a few months of freedom from his duties approximately every seventh year for travel or advanced study. This period of freedom from teaching is called a sabbatical leave. Its purpose is 1.│     .

Few sabbatical leaves are interesting enough to be described. The one we are going to talk about was quite exceptional and unexpected. Dr. Coleman, president of Haverford College, at the age of 51 was determined to escape from university life, from 2.│    and to get a variety of experiences in the world of work. He especially wanted to learn about people, who do hard physical labor. Later he explained to reporters, that “as a college president you begin to take yourself very seriously and 3.│      . You forget about people and that was what I wanted to relearn.”

Telling no one of his plans, Dr, Coleman started his sabbatical on the farm in Canada, hundred miles away from his college. Getting up at 4.30 each morning, 4.│    , he prepared himself physically for his next work—digging ditches, in Atlanta, Georgia. After that college professor  washed dishes in Boston restaurant. During the last ten days of his leave he worked as a garbage collector. This unusual sabbatical 5.│    . Coleman telephoned his family once a week, just to let them know where he was and that he was healthy. None of his students or colleagues knew what their president was doing.

On each job he avoided letting people know who he was. When people asked him about himself, he would turn the conversation on them. There was only one employer 6.│    . At a restaurant in Boston he had been on the job exactly one hour. He was washing dishes, when his boss came over and said, “I am afraid, you won’t do,” and handed him ten dollars. On Coleman’s question “Why?’ he just said “It’s not your work, sorry.” That was the first time 7.│     that Coleman had heard these words. It helped him understand how a man of his age might feel when he realized he had lost his job.

Coleman returned from his sabbatical convinced, 8.│    . He had good things to say about people who do hard physical work. 9.│     complain when work was too heavy, but they would complain a lot more when there was nothing to do,” he said later. He found that pride and satisfaction for him 10.│    , when they noticed how well a job was being done.



was conducted in great secrecy


working 13 hours a day in fields and barns


that the experience was worthwhile


who sensed something unusual about him


“the world of words, politics and parties”


during his more than 30 years career


to give the professor experience that will make him a wiser person and a better teacher


came chiefly in the form of praise from co-workers


“A lot of my co-workers would”


to think that you have power you don’t have.




Task 3.   Look through the text again. Mark the statements below as T (if it is true),

                    F (if it is false), NS (if it is not enough information in the text to make

                    the  judgment).





11. It is compulsory, or ‘a must’, for all professors to have a sabbatical.




12. During the sabbatical professors do not teach




13. It’s up to the administration of the university to decide upon the time of the sabbatical




14. The main aim of this extra vocation is to give more rest for the staff.




15. Many scholars want radical changes and spend the sabbatical in the world of physical labor.




16. The majority of professors use this time to travel and undertake serious academic research.




17. Dr. Coleman decided to spend his sabbatical in such a strange way to attract attention to himself and surprise his employees.




18. It hurt when Coleman lost his job, but it was an invaluable and eye-opening experience for him.




19. He traveled quite a lot during his leave.




20. The last but one job was most difficult physically.





 Ответы чтение:
1. задание (7 баллов)     
A-4    B-1      C-6     D-8     E-5     F-3     G-7

2. задание (10 баллов)   1-G    2-E       3-J      4-B     5-A    6-D     7-F   8-C   9-I    10-H

3. задание (10 баллов)   11-NS   12-T  13-NS  14-F  15-F  16-NS  17-F   18-T     19-T     20-F


















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