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ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

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Контрольная работа по чтению


Reading Test

Task 1 Match the headings (A-H) to extracts 1-7

A. Unpaid Work E. A Working Holiday

B. A Website Link F. A Cultural Festival

C. Weekend Sailing G. A One-week Getaway

D. Travelling Light H. Exciting Work

1. For people who hate working in an office, getting paid to travel can sound like a dream come true. Anyone with a sense of adventure and a strong desire to travel should seriously consider a job in the travel industry. One of the most worthwhile jobs is a group travel organizer. People get paid to go on trips, visit amazing places and have fun.

2. The event is mostly run by volunteers and nearly all takings from the weekend are donated to good causes. So just by attending the festival you’re doing something good. However, beware of the “Glastonbury Curse”! Despite of the seasonal good weather, it nearly always changes just in time for the festival. If you plan on going, it would be wise to take a raincoat!

3. From its rich history to secluded beaches, Vancouver Island is an adventure’s holiday paradise. The 7-day sea kayaking expedition is open to a maximum of 10 participants aged 14-16. This expedition will give teenagers the opportunity to see and do a wide variety of exciting activities, such as paddling along the coastlines of the island.

4. Many people often dream of travelling especially to interesting or faraway locations which seem mysterious and exciting. Some believe that visiting these places would be impossible or something to only read about in books. Fortunately, many countries offer programmes where students can get away for the summer, experience life in another country and earn some money.

5. Combine sailing on the River Thames with outdoor jazz music. A full itinerary for the weekend and a complete list of what to bring will be sent upon booking and waterproofs will be provided free of charge. The total cost includes accommodation and meals. This promises to be an exciting experience and a rewarding opportunity of a lifetime.

6. Nowadays, it is very important to pack as few things as possible when travelling abroad. People don’t realise that there are fundamental rules and regulations about what you can and can’t take on board your flight. Many airlines have additional restrictions on the size, number, and weight of suitcases. Travellers should check their airline’s website for further information.

7. On the last weekend of June, free spirits everywhere descend upon the normally sleepy town to see a line-up of the biggest names in contemporary music, theatre performances, stand-up comedy, world dance, cabaret, circuses and much more. Held on a huge farm in the picturesque rural village of Pilton, over 700 acts are scheduled to appear.

Task 2 Find English Equivalents in the text

1.выгодный 4. нагрянуть на 7.путеводитель

2.несмотря на 5.гребля на байдарке 8. дополнительные ограничения

3. уединенный 6.бесплатный

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