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Контрольная работа по 3 модулю (Spotlight 6)

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Module 3

6th form


1. Match the words.

1) traffic A lanes 6) seat F crossing

2) parking B limit 7) bike G warden

3) yellow C sign 8) speed H car driver

4) zebra D lines 9) traffic I helmet

5) racing E zone 10) bicycle J belt

2. Fill in the correct word.

watch road plane boat bike car lights left handgrips kerb

1. This man is a pilot. He can fly a ___.

2. Use the ____ when there are no free seats on the bus.

3. My little sister can’t ride a ___ yet.

4. His brother is very young. He can’t drive a ___.

5. Don’t run from the pavement onto the ___.

6. Can your father sail a ____.

7. Always stop at the traffic ____ when it’s red.

8. Turn ___ into Apple street.

9. There’s a car coming. ____ out!

10. Stand on the pavement near the ____.

3. Complete the Road Safety Instructions with the correct verb.

1. When on the street, ____ both ways before crossing the road.

2. When on the bus, don’t ____ to the driver.

3. When going to school, ____ on the pavement.

4. When you ride a bike, ____ a bicycle helmet.

5. When in the car, don’t ____ out of the window.

4. Choose the correct preposition (on, by, in, from, at)

1. Be careful when you cross the street __ foot.

2. When you travel __ a bus, don’t annoy others.

3. Always wear a seat belt when you travel __ a car.

4. It’s safe to travel __ train.

5. It’s expensive to travel __ plane.

5. Find the correct response to each sentence.

1. Is there a cinema near here? A Yes, it’s next to the chemist’s.

2. Is it far? B Don’t mention it.

3. Do you know where the bank is? C Not really.

4. Do I turn right at the traffic lights? D Yes. There is a nice one on High Street.

5. Thank you very much. E No, you turn left. Look at the sign.

6. Read the text and answer the questions.

Hi! My name is Fran and I’m ten years old. My best friend is Susan and she is twelve. Susan is very smart and can do a lot of things. She can play the guitar and the piano. Susan is also very good at sports. She can swim and sail a boat, too. I can’t swim very well and I can’t sail a boat. Susan cooks lunch for herself and her little brother every day. I can’t cook because my mum says I’m too young. There is one thing that Susan and I can’t do. We can’t drive a car!

1) How old is Fran’s best friend?

2) What can Susan play?

3) What sport can’t Fran do?

4) How old is Fran?

5) What can’t the girls do?

7. Describe the traffic signs using the modal verb CAN/CAN’T


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