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Контрольная работа по 4 модулю (Spotlight 6)

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Module 4

6th form


1. Complete the types of TV programmes:

s_tc_ _ r_al_t_ _h_ _ t_l_ s_ _ w

n_w_ m_s_c s_o_ s_ _en_ _ f_ct_ _n

dr_m_ sp_r_s c_m_d_

2. Make up adjectives from the following words: (with the help of suffixes -ing, -ful, -ic, -able)

interest excite disgust wonder fantasy enjoy

3. Choose the correct word.

1. I think pizza is boring/delicious.

2. Mike brushes/washes his teeth twice a day.

3. Molly helps her little brother to get clothed/dressed in the morning.

4. What about a pop newspaper/concert?

5. Rock music is not really my programme/thing.

6. Meg always helps her parents over/around the house.

7. My favourite sitcom is at/on TV tonight.

8. Pupils usually wear a school uniform/suit.

9. Drama is a TV programme which makes you laugh/cry.

10. We have lunch at school canteen/gym during the longer break.

4. Match the questions and the answers.

1. When would you like to meet? A) I think so, why?

2. How about going to the cinema? B) Sure. See you later, then.

3. Are you free tomorrow? C) How about next Friday?

4. Shall we say 8 o’clock at my place? D) I’m afraid I’m busy tonight.

5. Would you like to come to dinner tonight? E) Sounds great!

5. Put the verb in brackets into the correct Present Simple form.

1. Mr.Jones ___ History at our school. (teach)

2. What time ___ you ___ lunch? (have)

3. My sister ___ ___ breakfast in the morning. (not/eat)

4. What days ___ Henry ___ his grandparents? (visit)

5. My friends ___ ___ football at weekdays. (not/play)

6. Read the email and choose the best word for each space.


Hi! Thanks for your email. I hope you are well. I want to tell you about my hobbies and interests. During the week, I do my homework (1)___ the evenings and after (2)___ I watch TV. I like watching sitcoms and reality shows but I don’t like dramas. Sometimes my friends (3)___ around and we watch a DVD.

At the weekend, I do some sports. On Saturday morning, I play football with the school team and in the afternoon I go shopping. I always go to the cinema (4)___ friends on Saturday night. On Sunday, I relax at home and read a book or (5)___ I ride my bike.

Tell me what you like doing in your next email.



1. at/in/on

2. what/them/that

3. coming/comes/come

4. by/for/with

5. never/seldom/sometimes

7. Listen to Kenneth talking to a new friend about his free-time activities. What do he do each day? Match the activities to the days. There is one extra that you don’t need.

1) Monday A goes cycling

2) Tuesday B goes to the cinema

3) Wednesday C watches TV

4) Thursday D goes swimming

5) Friday E plays football

6) Saturday F reads

7) Sunday G goes shopping

H plays basketball

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