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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по 5 модулю (Spotlight 6)
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Контрольная работа по 5 модулю (Spotlight 6)


Module 5

6th form


1. Fill in the gaps using the words from the frame.

gifts flowers decorations fireworks costumes

phone cake gardening special dish dusting

1. Mum is making a ___ for my birthday party.

2. Can I make a ___ call?

3. At Halloween, we all wear strange ____

4. Barbara is doing the ____. She loves plants and flowers.

5. People like to watch the ____ in the sky on Guy Fawkes’ Night.

6. The twins are making the _____ for Christmas.

7. Laura is making a ____ for dinner tonight.

8. He gives his mother ____ on her birthday.

9. Children made a mess in the room. Let’s do some ____.

10. It’s great fun to exchange ___!

2. Make up sentences in Present Continuous. Give short anwers for interrogative ones.

1. watching/not/Susan/is/film/a.

2. the/are/boys/Cola/drinking? No, ...

3. they/enjoying/their/are/holidays? Yes, ...

4. am/not/eating/sandwich/a/I.

5. playing/Ted/drums/is/the? No, ...

3. Match the answers to the questions.

1. Are you doing anything at the moment? A It’s brilliant!

2. What do you have in mind? B No, not really.

3. What are the sandwiches like? C Yes, please. I have it ready.

4. Would you like to include a card? D A dozen white roses.

5. What do you think of the party? E They are horrible.

4. Read the text and answer the questions.

This is a picture of my brother at his party. His name is Paul and in this picture he is wearing his favourite T-shirt and a party hat. Our house is full of decorations and my brother is having a great time. He is blowing a party horn and drinking some orange juice. His friends are eating sandwiches and everybody is listening to music. You can’t see our parents in this picture because they are making all the food and drinks in the kitchen.hello_html_50acde92.jpg

1. What is Paul wearing? 4. What kind of hat is Paul wearing?

2. What is Paul drinking? 5. What are Paul’s friends eating?

3. What is everybody listening to? 6. Where are Paul’s parents?

5. Match the words.

light the washing up

decorate a costume

exchange a party horn

make lamps

wear preparations

visit the house

watch gifts

do a great time

have relatives

blow the fireworks

6. Choose the correct preposition.

1. I am tired and want to sleep. I hope the party is nearly ___ (about/off/over).

2. Why is it so dirty here? Help me clean ___ (out/up/in).

3. In the ‘tug of war’ two teams hold ___ (up/off/onto) a rope and try to pull the other team ___ (in/over/out) the line.

4. Why don’t you come ___ (up/in/over) and join ___ (for/off/in)?

5. It’s a Halloween party so you should dress ___ (on/about/up).

6. They usually sell ___ (in/off/out) the tickets months before the games because they are really popular among people.

7. We have run out (in/on/of) drinks. Can you bring some?

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