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Инфоурок / ИЗО, МХК / Тесты / Контрольная работа по 8 модулю (Spotlight 6)
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Контрольная работа по 8 модулю (Spotlight 6)


Module 8

6th form


1. Fill in the gaps using the words from the frame.

fast food restaurant zoo gallery cottage department store

palace swimming pool library sports centre tent

1. The Smiths live in a ___ in the countryside.

2. There are lots of works of art in the ___.

3. This is a really big ___. They sell everything here!

4. My little sister wants to see the animals at the ___.

5. I’m so hungry. Can we go to a ___?

6. The Queen lives in a big luxirious ___.

7. Bob and Roy are staying in a small ___ at the campsite.

8. Tim is keeping fit at the ___.

9. I’m taking this book back to the ___.

10. If you want to go to the ___, you’ll need a bathing costume, a cap and watersport goggles.

2. Choose and write out the correct item.

1. Tom lives in a large block of ... (tents, hotels, flats).

2. They are staying in a fantastic ... while they’re on holiday (palace, tent, hotel).

3. Are you ...? I totally disagree with you! (brilliant, strange, serious).

4. There are too many ... about what we can and can’t do (timetables, rules, reasons).

5. We pay the ... for our house every month (ticket, price, rent).

6. He’s going to the International Summer ... in August (house, flat, school).

3. Choose and write out the correct item.

1. You can have a picnic / listen to the song / watch a film at the cinema.

2. You can relax / do sports / swim at the gym.

3. You can take pictures / go camping / find a book at the library.

4. You can play football / see fish / buy some bread at the aquarium.

5. You can swim / buy a present / see a play at the theatre.

4. Choose the correct modal verb.

1. You mustn’t/can’t/needn’t talk during the test. It’s prohibited.

2. You can’t/have to/mustn’t pay your rent. That’s the rule.

3. You needn’t/can’t/mustn’t eat in the classroom. It’s forbidden.

4. You can’t/mustn’t/needn’t have any pets in this house. It’s not allowed.

5. You needn’t/must/mustn’t go to the doctor. You look very ill.

5. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1. Tracy / do / to / has / up / washing / the.

2. is / the / intelligent / Sarah / most / girl / university / our / in.

3. have / wear / school / to / we / uniform.

4. is / biggest / Hyde Park / the / London / park / in.

5. doesn’t / to / Susan / have / the / clean / flat.

6. Read the text and answer the questions.

Dear Kirsten,

Hi! How are you? I’m writing to say thank you for letting me stay with you.

Your family’s flat is very different from our cottage. The rooms in your flat are smaller than the rooms in our cottage. We can go for a walk in the countryside, but we can’t go to the cinema or theatre. We can enjoy peace and quiet, but we can’t see a lot of people. I guess no one can have everything they want at once.

Visit me soon.

All my love,


1. What kind of home does Kirsten live in?

2. Which home has the biggest rooms?

3. Which home is close to a cinema and a theatre?

4. Which home is in the countryside?

5. Which home is peaceful and quiet?

7. Match the questions to the aswers.

1. How about going to the aquarium? A OK. I want to see the monkeys.

2. Shall we go to that new department store? B I’d rather not. I don’t like him.

3. Why don’t we go to the zoo. C I don’t really like fish.

4. How about visiting Paul? D That sounds good. I’m tired.

5. Why don’t we go home? E Brilliant idea! I need some new


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