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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по проверке пройденного лексического и грамматического материала к учебнику Кузовлева В.П. “Английский язык 8 класс” по теме: “ ARE YOU A GOOD SPORT?”
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Контрольная работа по проверке пройденного лексического и грамматического материала к учебнику Кузовлева В.П. “Английский язык 8 класс” по теме: “ ARE YOU A GOOD SPORT?”


Контрольная работа по проверке пройденного лексического и

грамматического материала к учебнику Кузовлева В.П.

Английский язык 8 класс” по теме:


(учитель ГБОУ СОЩ № 8 Астрелина Е.Н.)

Цель: закрепить активную лексику по теме “ ARE YOU A GOOD SPORT ” (4 раздел), проверить

усвоение грамматической структуры Present Perfect Passive


I. a) Read the articles below.

1. In a FIFA-sanctioned match marked by 31 fouls, the Texas men’s soccer team was defeated 7-0 by Naberezhnye Chelny Kamaz, a Russian premiere division team, Saturday at House Park Stadium.

The game also featured 20 fouls by Kamaz and 11 by Texas, including two Kamaz yellow cards and one Texas yellow card.

2. With Smith, Holly Bull has six wins in seven races, including victories in the Blue Grass,

Florida Derby and the Futurity. He’s the 8-5 favourite in a Derby field of 15. Overall, Holly Bull is 7-for-8, his first coming with Louis Rivera aboard. Just a year ago, Smith was aboard another

Derby favourite – Prairie Bayou, who ran a game second after going six wide.

3. Wimbledon, England. – Lori McNeil punched shots with unrelenting precision at Steffi Graf’s backhand, attacking her single flaw, breaking her down methodically, and dethroning a reigning Wimbledon women’s champion in the opening round for the first time in history.

It doesn’t hurt to lose my crown – it hurt to lose,” said Graft, who three straight Wimbledon titles.

Punch shot – pазгромить

Unrelenting – безжалостно

Dethrone – свергать с престола

4. So much of these Olympics will seem so familiar. The faces. The accent. The time slot. So much will be different. More women competing, Former Soviet athletes dispersed to new teams. Beach volleyball. No boycotting nations.

Not one nation extended an invitation by the IOC turned it down. That means a record 197 nations will be on hand, competing in 271 events in 26 sports.

To represent the new teams and old ones, there will be 10,800 athletes, about 3,800 of whom are women – a 40 percent increase over the number competing four years ago.

5. SALT LAKE CITY. – Karl Malone scored 34 points, including a 20-footer with 42 seconds to play, and the Utah Jazz held off a late San Antonio rally to win 95-90 Thursday night, eliminating the Spurs from the NBA playoffs.

Utah beat the Spurs for the seventh time in the eight games this season.

b) Look through the articles below. Decide which of the articles is about:

c) Study the articles for five minutes and find the answers to the following questions:

1. Which team has won the football match?

2. How many races has Holly Bull won with Smith?

3. How many times has Steffi Graft a Wimbledon champion?

4. How many athletes will take part in the coming Olympics?

5. In how many sports will they compete?

6. How many times have the Utah Jazz beaten the Spurs this season?


II. Listen to the text and for the question below, choose the best answer.

In 776 B.C. the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of mount Olympus to honor the Greeks’ chief god, Zeus. The Greeks emphasized physical fitness and strength in their education of youth. Therefore contests in running, jumping, discus and javelin throwing, boxing, and horse and chariot racing were held in individual cities, and the winners competed every four years at Mount Olympus. Winners were greatly honored by having olive wreaths placed on their heads .

Originally these were held as games of friendship, and any wars in progress were halted to allow the games take place.

The Greeks attached so much importance to these games that that they calculated time in four-year cycles called “Olympiads” dating from 776 B.C.

To emphasize – придавать особое значение

Therefore – поэтому

To halt – останавливать

1. Which of the following is not true?

a) Winners placed olive wreaths on their own heads.

b) The games were held in Greece every four years.

c) Battles were interrupted to participate in their games.

d) Poems glorified the winners in song.

2. Why were the Olympic Games held?

a) to stop wars

b) to honor Zeus

c) to crown the best athletes

d) to sing song about the athletes

3. How many years ago did these games originate?

a) 776 years

b) 1,205 years

c) 2,277 years

d) 2,760 years

4. Which of the following contests was not mentioned?

a) discus throwing

b) boxing

c) skating

d) running


III. a) What do you call a man who can:

Wrestle, ski, skate, run, swim, play football/chess/volleyball/basketball/hockey/tennis, go boating/yachting/parachuting

Key: wrestler, skier, skater, runner, swimmer, footballer, chess-player, volleyball player, a basketballer (basketball player), a hockey-player, a boatman, a yachtsman, a parachute-jumper (parachutist)

b) Translate the following sentences from English into Russian, paying attention to the translation of the words in bold type.

1. Cricket is a team game.

2. She established the British long-jump record.

3. The next event will be the 100 meters race.

4. Boxing is a dangerous spectacular sport.

c) Translate into English.

1. Я предпочитаю легкую атлетику боксу и борьбе.

2. Британия – родина многих популярных видов спорта таких как футбол, регби, гольф, теннис, бадминтон.

3. Многие люди увлекаются плаванием.

4. Спорт укрепляет характер.


IV. Complete these sentences using the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Professor Higgins (award) a major science prize last month in London.

2. More and more countryside (destroy) every year to make new roads.

3. The Wimbledon championship (hold) since 1877.

4. Many accidents (cause) by dangerous driving.

5. The castle (build) 400 years ago and (own) by two old ladies.

6. Football (play) for hundred of years.

7. The University boat-race (row) on the Thames almost every spring since 1836.


V. Give a talk on the topics:

1. Какие традиционные виды спорта страны изучаемого языка ты знаешь? Популярны ли они в России? Какими видами спорта интересуются в твоей семье?

2. Одни люди занимаются спортом, другие предпочитают смотреть спортивные соревнования. Так что же лучше – заниматься или смотреть?

3. Мой любимый спортсмен (спортсменка).


VI. You’ve got a personal letter from your English friend John. He would like to know:

what sport you go in for;

how good you are at it;

how often you go in for sport;

what sports you would like to try

Write 100-140 words.

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