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Контрольная работа по теме "Danger!"(1 вариант)


Контрольная работа в 11 классе по 4 модулю «Здоровье и болезни»

1 вариант

1 задание. Выпишите правильное по смыслу слово (1 балл):

  1. Mike slept on a hard pillow last night, so he has a swollen/ stiff neck today.

  2. I think I`ve developed an allergic reaction to something I ate my skin is really sore/ itchy

  3. Tom had to get an x-ray to see if he had bruised/ fractured his collarbone in the skiing accident.

  4. Sally went on/ went through working,despite her splitting headache.

  1. задание. Вставьте правильное по смыслу слово (1 балл):

1 Colour 2 glimpsed 3 narrow 4 restored 5 internal

  1. They had a ……… escape just seconds before the flames engulfed the building.

  2. Annabel ……… at the group op people waiting for the bus and realised it was time to go home.

  3. Mike`s looking off ……….., he must be exhausted from working at the hospital all night.

  4. After three weeks of therapy, Mary`s health was fully ……., and she could go back to work.

  5. She suffered serious injures from the accident, but fortunately no ……… bleeding.

  1. Задание. Раскройте скобки, используя страдательный (пассивный) залог (1 балл):

  1. The roads (cover) with the snow.

  2. Chocolate (make) from cocoa.

  3. The Pyramids (build) in Egypt..

  4. This coat (buy) four years ago.

  5. The stadium (open) next month.

  1. задание. Перепишите предложения из активного залога в пассивный и переведи их на русский язык (2 балла):

  1. Nobody has used this room for ages.

  2. We will give you the keys tomorrow.

  3. Someone is interviewing Dr Johnson at the moment.

  1. задание. Вставьте правильную частицу к фразовому глаголу go (1 балл):

  1. I can’t believe he went back …. me. I thought I could trust this person.

  2. Kate was going ….. the book shop and decided to buy a book.

  3. The child stayed outside too much and as a result he went ……. flu.

  4. I know you go ……a new job because you have a low salary.

  5. I forgot that I had cheese in my fridge and in a month I found out that it had gone ….. he alarm went ….. but she continued sleeping.

  6. We are going …… tonight. We are going to see this new movie.

  7. I don’t want to go …… this drama on and on that’s why I decided to be alone for some time.

6 задание. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания верно (T) или неверно (F) (1 балл):

The Prague Metro is an open ticket system. Passengers must buy and validate a ticket before entering the metro platform. There are uniformed ticket inspectors who have the right to check the validity of the ticket at any time within the compulsory ticket area.

The tickets are the same for all means of transport in Prague (excluding commuter trains for single tickets). The basic single ticket (the transfer variant) costs 26 CZK (as of 1 January 2008) and allows a 75-minute ride (90 minutes during evenings, weekends and state holidays). The non-transferable ticket (costing 18 CZK) is valid for a distance of five metro stations (not including the station of validation) allowing changes between lines A, B and C, but no longer than 30 minutes in total. Since December 2007 SMS purchase for the basic single transfer ticket is possible by sending DPT to 902 06 26 (Czech operators only).

Short-term tourist passes are available for periods of 24 hours (100 CZK), 3 days (330 CZK) and 5 days (500 CZK).

  1. They speak English there.

  2. Nine million people live in Mexico City.

  3. It’s hard to drive a car in Mexico City.

  4. You can see a street party there.

    1. задание. Напиши 7 любых неправильных глаголов (1 балл за каждые три формы глагола).

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