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Контрольная работа по теме "Responsibility"(2 вариант)


Контрольная работа в 11 классе по 3 модулю «Responsibility»


Выберите только один правильный ответ:

1 Greg enjoys … in the rain.

a) walk b)walking c) to walk

2. I’d like … Molly an e-mail now.

a) send b) sending c) to send

3. What does Steve want ...?

a) do b) doing c) to do

4. Fred couldn’t make … that he had caught the huge fish himself.

a) I believed b) me believe c) me believed d) me to believe

5. Nick was very close to the phone-box and Mary noticed him … the number, and then she heard him ... something to passer-by.

a) to dial b) to say dialing c) to dial, say d) dial, say

6. Nick was seen ... the hall and then Jane watched him ...

a) enter, go away b) be entered, to go away c) enter, go away d) to have entered, to be gone away

7. It's too late now, but I will always regret ... John to do the work.

a) to ask b) asking c) ask d) to be asked

8. He … the girl, threating with the knife.

a) mugged b)burgled c) shoplifted d) murdered

9. Kate was ashamed of… money from her father`s purse

a) mugging b)stealing c) robbing d) blackmailing

10.Do you have a fancy for…. Stories?

a) murder b) homicide c) manslaughter d) shoplifter

11. …. is the most general word for a person, who advises people about laws.

a) lawyer b) homicide c) barrister d) solicitor

12. She was tortured by …..

a) fault b) guilt c) blame

13. People said that the heavy losses were the manager`s … .

a) fault b) guilt c) blame

14. The jury acquitted him, because his … was not proved.

a) fault b) guilt c) blame

15. She was … by a man who threatened to tell her employer about her past.

a) hijacked b) blackmailed c)robbed d) arrested

Раскройте скобки и выпишите слово:

16. It was quite late when they saw Martin … (come) up the other side of the street.

17. They saw him … (pause) in front of his house, … (look) up at it and … (knock) at the door.

18. My parents let me (stay) at Molly’s house last weekend.

19. They agreed … (take) me to his place in the car and they made me (promise) to behave myself.

20. Mel hates (answer) the phone.

Переведите предложения и запишите только перевод:

21. This writer is said to have written a new novel.

22 . She seems to be having a good time at the seaside.

23. They watched the boy cross the street.

24 . To advertise in magazines is very expensive.

25 . He proved to be one of the cleverest students at our Institute.

26 . He knew himself to be strong enough to take part in the expedition.

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания True or False:

Who lives in Britain?

Britain is a country where people of different nationalities have been historically mixed.

Several thousands years ago people travelled from many different parts of the world to live

in Europe and Great Britain. In fact, every person in Britain has origins from another country. The official count in 2001 showed that Britain's population consisted of the following different races and nationalities. Here are some of the figures. 54,154,000 White

1,053,000 Indian ,566,000 Black Caribbean, 747,000 Pakistani, 231,000 other minority groups, 485,000 Black African, 248,000 Vietnamese / Malaysian / Thai, 98,000 Black American and Australian, 283,000 Bangladeshi, 247,000 Chinese. Thousands of years ago Britain was invaded by different countries, races and nationalities including the Romans, the Saxons, the Normans, the Vikings. And so today many people actually descend from them. Even then, invaders brought slaves. In the 3rd century AD Rome used black soldiers to guard Hadrian's wall. In the 20th century Britain suffered much during the Second World War and people from other parts of the world were invited to help rebuild the country. Many of them were from different countries belonging to the British Empire. The first ship came from West Indies in 1948. It was called the Empire Windrush and it had hundreds of people on board. Later people continued to arrive and stay in Britain. As a result of these events, Britain has become a country where different nationalities, cultures and religions are mixed. This mixture has influenced all spheres of life, including the country's literature, music, art, fashion and everyday habits and routines. People who were born in other countries have brought their traditions, rituals and food with them. For example, Indian and Chinese takeaways are as popular as traditional British fish and chips. An international influence is also clearly seen in popular music styles. For example, rap and hip hop, types of music extremely popular among teenagers, originally came from Africa. Even in schools different origins have to be taken into consideration, particularly when a school uniform is required.

27. Migration to Britain started 500 years ago.

28. Roman invaders brought slaves from Africa with them.

29. Mass migration started after the First World War.

30. The first immigrants came from India.

31. Today different nationalities live separately in their communities.

32. Immigrants have influenced the food habits of the British most of all.

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