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Контрольная работа по теме: "The Present Perfect Tense"

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The Present Perfect Tense.

1. Заполните пропуски глаголами в Present Perfect.

a) I … just …the window. (to close)

b) He .. just … home. (to come)

c) John … to Moscow. (to be) He can tell you about it.

d) The … to many foreign countries. (to travel)

e) I … my book at last. (to find)

f) We … a car. (to buy)

g) They … all the books. (to sell)

h) The boy … the toy. (to lose)

i) He … just … from England. (to return)

j) I … coffee to you. (to make)

2. Поставьте предложения в вопросительную форму и дайте краткие ответы на эти общие вопросы:

a) They have translated the article.

b) You have read this book.

c) He has seen this film.

d) She has written the letter.

e) Nick has returned from St. Petersburg.

f) Mary has been to Moscow.

g) You have been here since nine o’clock.

h) Peter has done this grammar exercise.

i) Ann has made three mistakes in her test.

j) The pupils have discussed this poem.

3. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму.

a) They have left Moscow.

b) Mary has taken the children to the park.

c) Kate has made a dress for her doll.

d) I have bought a present for Mary.

e) They have sold their house.

f) You have seen my teacher.

g) They have sent Peter five books.

h) The street has become wide.

i) I have found a ring.

j) Nick has given me his coat.

4. Какой глагол выбрать?

a) I (reads, have read) all the novels by this writer.

b) John (comes, has come) to Moscow.

c) My mother (buys, has bought) anew bag for me.

d) I (leave, have left) my book at school.

e) They (didn’t do, haven’t done) this exercise yesterday.

f) Nick (draws, has drawn) a picture.

g) The child (saw, has seen) never a Zoo.

h) I (read, have read) just this article.

i) The baby (has broken, breaks) the toy.

j) I (is choosing, have chosen) a good present for my mother.

5. Составьте предложения:

a) book, have, this, read, you?

b) problem, this, discussed, they, have?

c) to, Kate, London, been, has?

d) it, about, they, you, told, have?

e) o’clock, you, nine, since, been, have, here?

f) years, two, you, for, have, him, know?

g) Moscow, you, seen, in, what, have?

h) have, many, how, read, you, books?

i) articles, she, what kind of, translated, has?

j) you, found, book, have, whose?

k) writer, written, this, has, what?

l) done, you, just, have, what?

6. Вставьте: “since”, “for”, “already”, “just” or “yet”.

1. John has … finished his homework, so his books are still on the table.

2. I haven’t seen Sarah … 1990.

3. Have you … finished eating? I haven’t even started … .

4. We’ve lived here … ten years.

5. He’s … come back from jogging and he’s a bit tired.

7. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова, данные в таблице:

so far, how long, just, for, since, how long ago, yet,

this week, ago, just now, already

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