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Контрольная работа "Современные технологии"

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9 класс

Современные технологии. Модульный контроль

Вариант 1

Максимальный балл - 25

  1.  Fill in with the words:  deleted, inventions, mobility, link, become, obstacle, exists
  1. Click on this…………………..…..to go to the international site of the online store.
  2. Some experts believe that robots with human intelligence will someday……………….a reality.
  3. Oh, no! I have accidentally……………………….….all the photos on my hard disk!
  4. I don’t think that a machine that can think on it’s own………………………….
  5. Computers and the Internet are two fascinating………………………….of modern technology.


B. Match the words with their definitions:                                                                                                       

6. The machine that lets you put documents and such on paper.                  MOUSE

7. The tool you use to type words onto the computer.                                 PRINTER

8. The most popular internet search engine.                                                GOOGLE

9. What you use to click things on the screen.                                             KEYBOARD

10. What is another word for computer screen.                                            MONITOR


C. Use the correct Future Tense

11.A: What are your plans for the summer?

     В: I  (take) a cruise to the Bahamas!

12 A: I don't know how to save this file.

     B: Don't worry, I (help) you.

13 A: Have you moved to your new flat yet?

     B: No, I (move) at the end of this week.

14 A: I don't have any money. I'm broke.

     В: I (lend ) you some, but I need it back by Saturday.

15  A: This time next week I (fly) to Madrid.

      B: Really? Can I join you?


       D. Underline the correct verb form.

16. By the end of the year, Eric will be working/ will have been working on his new computer gadget for almost seven months.

17. Are you showing/Will you show me how to get free music downloads from the Internet?

18. You can't carry all these bags yourself. I am taking/ 'll take some of them off your hands.

19. This time next week we will be enjoying/will have enjoyed ourselves at the Notting Hill Carnival.

20. Be careful! You will spill/are going to spill coffee on your keyboard!


D* Read the text and match the headings (A-C) to the paragraphs (21-22). There is one extra heading you do not need to use.






For thousands of years human beings have dreamt of cheating death and the aging process. In their fantasy world, they live forever and remain young and beautiful in old age. Well, it may sound incredible, but there are some scientists who believe that mankind will soon have the technology to make this dream come true!



Sounds like science fiction? Maybe. But remember that technology gives us the ability to do things today that people living only a few decades ago would have considered magic. Therefore, there is no reason why we shouldn't believe that experts will make all this possible.






9 класс

Современные технологии. Модульный контроль

Вариант 2

Максимальный балл - 25

      A  Fill in with the words: account, connection, subscription, problem, servers, obstacle, exists

  1. Creating an email…………………………………is quick and simple.
  2. Try connecting to the Net later, when the…………………………..……aren’t so busy.
  3. John cancelled his monthly……….to his Internet Service Provider because it was too expensive.
  4. With a broadband…………………………….….you get fast access to the Net.
  5. In my opinion, the main ………………..with mobile phones is that their buttons are too small.


B. Match the words with their definitions:


6. Any physical part of a computer.                                                              CURSOR

7. The object on your screen that lets you point at things.                             EMAIL

8. Internet mail.                                                                                               HARDWARE

9. A machine that lets you put paper documents onto your computer.          VIRUS

10. A program that destroys your computer system.                                     SCANNER



С  Use the correct Future Tense


11.A: What are these eggs for?

     В: I ( bake ) a cake for Tom's birthday.

12 A: You’ve been surfing the Net all morning!

     B: Yes. By 11 o’clock I (surf) the Net for four hours.

13 A: I'm going out for a walk. Are you staying here?

     B: No, I (come) too.

14 A: .... ( shop) later today?

     B: Yes. Do you need anything from the shops?

15 A: You look tired!

     B: Yes. By 9 o’clock I (study) for five hours.


D*   Underline the correct verb form.

16. The lecture will have started/starts at 6 pm so we have plenty of time to get there.

17. Mr Higgins is giving/gives a demonstration of the new robot tomorrow evening.

18. By this time next month, we will have completed /will be completing our computer training course.

19. I am installing/will install the anti-virus software on your computer as soon as I get home tonight, I promise.

20. Do you buy/Are you buying Peter a new games console for his birthday?


D* Read the text and match the headings (A-C) to the paragraphs (21-22). There is one extra heading you do not need to use.





Naturally, the possibility of living 50 long raises many problems if people don’t die, how will the Earth cope when it gets so overcrowded? Many people believe that scientists should not develop anti-aging technology, and that they should let nature take its course as it has been doing tor millions of years.


22 ............


Of course, most scientists believe that humans will never possess such technology. But if living to 1000 becomes possible, do you think it would be a dream ... or a nightmare? And, if you had the choice, would you choose to live forever?









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