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Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыКонтрольная работа Spotlight 10 Module 1

Контрольная работа Spotlight 10 Module 1

Контрольная работа

Spotlight 10 Module 1

1. Translate into English:

a) заниматься волонтерской деятельностью-____________________________________

b) отдыхать (зависать) с друзьями - ___________________________________________

с) сидеть (лазить) в интернете-_______________________________________________

d) всё время-_______________________________________________________________

е) отправлять сообщения-____________________________________________________

f) ходить по магазинам-_____________________________________________________

2. Fill in: games, sports, time, shopping, messages, clubs

 a) We often go window ________________when we want to relax.

b) He plays computer ________________ all time!

c) Every pupil knows how to spend text ________________ on a mobile phone

d). Do you want to do extreme ________________ this weekend?

e) John doesn’t spend a lot of ________________ with his family. It’s a pity

3.  Fill insupportive, moody, selfish, patient, dedicated, loyal, trusting, mean, jealous, respected

1.  All friends betrayed (предали) him, but Joe remained __________________.

2. She had always been __________________of his sister's good looks.

3. It was __________________of him to make her stay late.

4. Mary was very hard-working and __________________to her report.

5. My classmates were very helpful and __________________ when I was ill.

6. You are a universally admired and __________________ musician and songwriter.

7. She's a __________________ woman – she can be happy one minute and angry the next.

8. A __________________ child believes everything you tell him and follows where you lead.

9. Be __________________, your time will come.

10. If a ship is sinking and you refuse to let anyone else into your 4-person lifeboat, you're extremely __________________.

4. Put the verbs in the correct present tense:

  1. I ___________ (go) jogging every morning.

  2. I’m tired. I ________________ (not / sleep) yet.

  3. My brother always ______________ (wear) my clothes.

  4. Why __________________ (you / look) at me now?

  5. How often _________________ ( you /have) English lessons?

  6. The children are dirty. They __________________ (play) football since morning.

  7. We can’t buy the tickets. We _______________ (already / spend) all our money.

  8. ______________ (you/have) lunch yet? - Not yet. I ______________ (work) in the garden for the past five hours.

  9. Judy is a caring person. I_______________ (know) her since we met at primary school.

  10. Friends always ____________ (help) us to express ourselves.

5. Fill inout fordown on, forward to, after, up:

1. I look _________ hearing from you.

2. I told her to look ___________ the word in the dictionary.

3. Look ____________ broken glass on the floor.

4. I looked _________________my younger brother and sister while my parents were working.

5. A lot of people look ____________ us because we're homeless,” she says.

6. Fill in: on, about, with, at

1. Lana keeps house well, she is good _____ housekeeping.

2. Be careful _________ your thoughts – they are the beginning of deeds.

3. Extreme sports are my passion.I am keen ________rock climbing and paragliding.

4. Whoever is careless ____ the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

5. I am so happy to see her enthusiastic _______ reading.

7. Choose any topic and write 8-12 sentences.

a) Peter the Great.

b) How to help the environment

c) Fashion in Russia.

d)”Little women” Would you like to read the whole novel? Why? Why not?

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