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Контрольная работа Spotlight 9, module 3 final test

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


  1. Fill in: mysterious, legend, ancient, horrifying, coast, monster (6 points)

In the Mediterranean Sea, to the south of the Greek ____________________, lies the island of Crete. According to the ____________________, in _____________________ times, a creature called the Minotaur lived there. Half-man, half-bull, the Minotaur was truly _______________. The king of Crete, Minos, kept the Minotaur in a maze which had many _____________________, twisting passages. Every nine years, the King of Athens sent fourteen children for this strange-looking __________________ to eat. Theseus, an Athenian hero, took a magic ball of thread into maze with him, he found the Minotaur, killed it with sword, then found his way out of the maze using the thread to retrace his steps.

  1. Choose the correct variant (6 points)

  • A: Do you think this painting is an original?

B: No, it can’t/must be. The original is in a museum in Paris.

  • A: Are you coming to the art museum with us.

B: I may/must come. I haven’t decided yet.

  • A: Is that an oil painting?

B: It must/can’t be. That artist only worked with oil.

  • A: Did the artists Claude Monet And Pierre-Auguste Renoir ever meet?

B: They must/may have. Renoir painted a portrait of Monet in 1875

  • A: Is that portrait of a man or a woman?

B: I’m not sure, I think it may/must be a man.

  • You may not/can’t have seen a ghost. They’re

  1. Fill in: (5 points)

  • I think I’m coming …………………… flue. I have been coughing all day.

  • We are looking for articles, stories and pictures for our Scary and Mysterious issue that comes …………… next month.

  • Have you come …………………………………… any mysterios looking figures lately?

  • Have you ever walked into a room or house and had a weird feeling come …………………you?

  • Can you write imaginative stories? Send in the scariest stories you can come …………………….

  1. Underline the correct preposition (6 points)

  • I feel nervous of/about my exams. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine

  • Have you heard from/of Pushkin? –Of course I have! I’ve read all his books.

  • How was your trip to Sakhalin? It was good, but we didn’t succeed about/in catching a big fish

  • Have you heard of/from Tom? –He called me a few days ago. He’s just got back from Japan.

  • I find it difficult to draw portraits! – Don’t worry, I know from/about experience that you get better with practice.

  • Have you ever thought of/for having an exhibition with your works? –Not really.

  1. Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Past Continuous (5 points)

  • I ... (break) my arm when I ... (ski) in the Alps.

  • She ... (drive) a car when her phone ... (ring).

  • The cat ... (sleep) on the chair and the dog ... (sit) next to it.

  • Fiona ... (clean) the room, ... (iron) her clothes and ... (make) the bed.

  • He ... (read) a book when he suddenly ... (hear) a strange noise.

  1. Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Past Continuous (5 points)

  • Yesterday my friend ... his exam. (pass)

  • What ... he ... at 11 o'clock last night? (do)

  • Sam ... over the phone when someone called his name. (talk)

  • Last week I ... him a letter. (write)

  • Last time I ... them was a few years ago. (see)

  1. Put the verbs in brackets into Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous (6 points)

  • My child (eat) too much chocolate, that is why he was so ill.

  • The car worked, but the mechanic (repair) it for a few hours.

  • When I arrived at the cinema, the film (start).

  • The door was still wet. My father (paint) it.

  • We were late for the plane because we (forget) our passports.

  • They (build) the house for many years already before they finished.

  1. Read the text and put the phrases to the gaps. There is one extra (5 points)

Nature’s joke? - the strange and wonderful PLATYPUS

The platypus is a strange little creature found only in Australia. When the first platypus was sent to Europe in the 19th century, the scientists who examined it just could not believe their eyes. They believed the platypus was a joke, 41) ....... .They thought some fun-loving Australian had put the feet and nose of a duck onto the body of a rat, 42)……..

But platypuses are real, 43) ............... . Platypuses have a nose like a duck, webbed feet like a duck, soft brown fur on their body and a long, flat tail like a beaver. As if that weren't strange enough, even though they are mammals (which means they feed their babies milk), platypuses don't give birth to live babies 44) ...............! No wonder scientists couldn't decide for a very long time if platypuses were birds, reptiles or mammals.

But the platypus has even more wonderful characteristics. Platypuses find their food in rivers by using electric fields. And, if they are in danger, male platypuses have sharp hooks on their feet 45) ............... .It's no surprise then, that this special, shy little animal is one of Australia's most famous creatures. A picture of the platypus appears on the Australian 20 cent coin. Australians are very proud of their unique platypus.

A just to play a trick on them

B that produce poison strong enough to kill a dog

C which makes them part-reptile, part-mammal, part-bird

D but instead lay eggs just like birds

E and there is no other creature like them on Earth

F because of its extremely strange appearance

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