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Контрольная работа УМК Millennium

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Test for 7 form.

1. Match the verbs in the first column and the words in the second column.

a) talk 1) late for school

b) be 2) an excuse for missing class

c) have 3) in class

d) do 4) well in the test

2. Choose the American symbols.

a) the flag

b) the Liberty Bell

c) the baseball cap

d) the Statue of Liberty

e) the tornado

3. Complete the gaps with for or since.

  1. She has been playing the piano…….25 years.

  2. He’s been playing the guitar ……1974.

  3. I’ve been writing poems……two years.

4. Complete the sentences with the right verb.

  1. The apples are tasty. So….the oranges.

  2. My brother can p[lay golf. So….I.

  3. My friend would not like to play tennis. Neither…I.

5. Write pronouns instead of nouns.

E.g. I like the flower. – It.

a) I’m going to feed the dog.

b) She keeps in touch with her friends.

c) Max’s calling his mother.

6. Read Vince Vaughn’s answers and match them to the questions.

There is one extra question.

a) Did you go to acting school?

b) Did your parents help you when you said you wanted to act?

c) How do you feel about fans?

d) What do you think of being a star?

e) Was it difficult starting out in Hollywood?

f) Do you have a dream role?

1. I think of all the years I tried to get a chance. I’ve been acting for 9 years, but for 7 of them I didn’t work much. So I’m happy I got a chance to make films.

2. I don’t think I had a bad time. It’s not easy to being your career in this town, but what helped me was that I really liked acting. I never thought about being famous or that I wanted to get the best table in a restaurant. I just wanted to be a part of movies, I wanted to act and bring characters to life in films.

3. They were always telling me that if you want something it’s possible, and I believe you can change your life if you work hard at it.

4. Yes, but I never liked acting classes.

5. I like to play a variety of roles – it keeps things fresh. For example, I met dinosaurs in The Lost World and play a killer in Psycho.

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