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Контрольная работа unit 5 Афанасьева Михеева

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Progress check 5

  1. 1.Listen to the text and cross the ideas that are not in it.

  1. Team games are not for everyone.

  2. To play the ball games you need to be very strong.

  3. You have a chance to find a sport good for you.

  4. Austin enjoys his sport because he has won a lot of races

  5. Austin is a member of a school team.

  6. 6)He likes the fact that in racing everyone is responsible for themselves.

  7. One of Austin’s friends thinks that racing is easy.

  8. Austin thinks that playing football is more difficult.

  9. Austin’s dog is a faster runner than Austin.

  10. Austin’s dog is a nice loveable collie dog.

II. Use prepositions where necessary to complete the sentences.

1) If you want to lose weight, you should keep__________ a diet.

2) Colin knows French, so he has an advantage _________ his friends.

3)Bob and Andrew raced each other __________ the tall tree.

4) Doctor, I have a terrible pain _______my right leg. What can you prescribe me _______it?

5) The football match ___________ two teams was very exciting.

6) Dr Robinson is a man ________ honour.

7)These two countries have been ________war for more than twelve years.

8) After the doctor examined __________the patient he wrote ______a prescription and said the medicine would cure him ________his stomachache

III. Write what the doctor said to patients. Use asked, thought, explained, wondered, told.

1) The doctor said: “How long have you been ill?”


2) The doctor said: “When did you feel bad?”


3) The doctor said: “You are coming down with a cold.”


4) The doctor said: “You will take this medicine three times a day.”


5) The doctor said: “How often do you catch colds?”


IV. Past simple or past perfect.

1) When mother (return) _____________, the children (clean) _______________ the room.

2) After the scientist (weigh) ____________ the ancient vase, they (examine) ____________ it and (decide)_______________ that it (come) ____________from India.


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