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Контрольная работа. Unit 6."Free time"

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Module 6 “Leisure Activities”

1. Which is right?

1. A) Is you doing anything? –B) Are you doing anything?

2. A) Are you speaking English? B) Do you speak English?

3. Sometimes A) we’re going B) we go to the country house at weekends.

4. it’s not a good day today. A) It is raining B) It rains.

5. How often A) do you have B) are you having holidays at school?

6. Sue is a writer. She is A) writing B) writes books for children.

7. A) She plays baseball every Tuesday B) She play baseball every Tuesday.

8. A) They is boring B) They are boring

9. A) It’s not about who win or lose but how you are playing the game. B) It’s not about who wins or loses but how you play the game.

10. A) Are you wanting to play something with me? B) Do you want to play something with me?

2. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

11. Listen! Somebody __________ (sing).

A) sings B) are singing C) is singing

12. I am sorry. I __________ (not/ understand).

A) am not understanding B) doesn`t understand С) don`t understand

13. You can turn off the TV. I __________ (not/ watch) it.

A) don`t watch it B) am not watching C) don`t watching

14. Sarah usually __________ (walk) to school.

A) walks b) walking C) is walking

15. I __________ (study) every day from 9 to 14-30.

A) studys B) studies C) study

3. Fill in the correct word.

16. Are you __________ on painting?

A) like B) interested C) keen

17. I am interested in __________. I go to the club, where I print my own pictures and meet new people.

A) photography B) computers C) painting

18.__________ is a game for two to six players. To play it you need the board, the dice, and some counters. It comes from an old Indian game. It is a game about good and evil.

A) Scrabble B) Cluedo C) Monopoly D) Snakes and Ladders

19. The aim of __________ is to make as much money as possible.

A) Cluedo B) Scrabble C) Snakes and Ladders D) Monopoly

20. - How can I help you? - I`m __________a birthday present for a friend.

A) doing B) - C) looking for

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