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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа Вариант №1 по УМК English IV И.Н. Верещагина, О.В. Афанасьева

Контрольная работа Вариант №1 по УМК English IV И.Н. Верещагина, О.В. Афанасьева

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Control Test (the 4 th form)

  1. Choose the right variant:

1. “Hi,” said Nora looking ... him. a) in b) on c) at

2. May I watch TV? ... . It`s time to go to sleep. a) Yes, you may. b) No, you mustn`t.

3. The Volga is the ... river in Europe. a) long b) longer c) longest

4. We have known each other ... 10 years. a) since b) for

5. He never goes to school ... bus. a) on b) in c) by

6. I ... to the Zoo yet. a) wasn`t b) weren`t c) haven`t been

7. When did you ... home last night? a) came b) come c) have come

8. This is a sweater ... I bought in London. a) which b) who

9. He never ... me about his hobby. a) tells b) says c) speaks

10. They have got ... milk in the kitchen. a) a little b) a few c) many

11. What did you ... ? a) tell b) say

12. Our flat is ... than your flat. a) good b) better c) best

13. Do you know ... people in this street? a) many b) much

14. It ... last week. a) isn`t raining b) doesn`t rain c) didn`t rain

15. He has a good ... of badges. a) collect b) collection c) collector

16. She is very ... . She doesn`t like animals. a) kind b) unkind

17. Native Americans came from ... . a) India b) Asia c) China

18. The symbol of Thanksgiving Day is ... . a) a good harvest b) roast turkey c) God

19. The American colonists shipped some tobacco to Britain. a) noun b) verb c) adjective

20. The first president of the USA was ... . a) Abraham Lincoln b) George Washington c) John Kennedy

II. Reading Comprehension

Words: to solve решать to bury - хоронить

poisonous – ядовитый to smash – сильно ударить

servantsслуги cruelly - жестоко

to run over переехать, раздавить

It happened in England after World War II. An English lady wanted to give a party and to invite a lot of friends to dinner. It was easy enough to ask people to come, but much more difficult to get enough food at that time. However, on the very morning of the party the problem was solved.

There was a man at the door selling mushrooms. He looked rather strange and had a basket over his arm.

The lady knew nothing about the mushrooms and asked the man if they were poisonous. The man said that they were very good. He asked so little money for them that the lady agreed to buy those mushrooms. When the man was emptying the basket, one of the mushrooms fell down and the lady`s dog ate it. “That dog knows what is good,” said the man and went away.

The guests liked the dish of mushrooms very much. They were going to play cards after dinner when the lady saw that one of her servants had red eyes. She asked the servants why she was crying. The girl said “I`m very sorry for your dog, it has just died.” The lady was shoked and she told her guests that the mushrooms could be poisonous. The guests were very angry. They decided to go to the nearest hospital.

When the lady came home, she wanted to see the dog. “Oh,” said the servant, “We have already buried it, because it was so badly smashed; and we didn`t even have enough time to write down the number of the car that so cruelly ran over the poor little pet.”

Choose the right variant:

  1. It was difficult to get food for the party because ...

    1. the lady was not rich.

    2. times were hard.

    3. The lady wanted to have something special.

  2. The problem of food was solved ...

    1. before the party.

    2. only after the party.

    3. on the very morning of the party.

  3. The man who sold mushrooms looked ...

    1. very old.

    2. dangerous.

    3. strange.

  4. A mushroom fell on the floor and ...

    1. the dog ate it.

    2. the lady took it.

    3. the man ate it.

  5. The lady thought that the mushrooms were poisonous because ...

    1. the servant felt bad.

    2. the guests didn`t like them.

    3. her dog had died.

  6. The lady decided ...

    1. to tell the guests the truth.

    2. to make it a secret.

    3. to look at the dog.

  7. The guests learned the news after dinner and ...

    1. didn`t believe it.

    2. were very angry.

    3. were sorry for the dog.

  8. The guests decided ...

    1. to go home.

    2. to play cards

    3. to go to the hospital.

  9. The dog died because ...

    1. the mushrooms were very poisonous.

    2. the car had run it over.

    3. it was too old.

  10. The story teaches us to care for ...

    1. bad news.

    2. animals.

    3. mushrooms.

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