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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа (В.П.Кузовлев) 5 класс Раздел 2"Rules around us"

Контрольная работа (В.П.Кузовлев) 5 класс Раздел 2"Rules around us"

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A Smart Girl

Little Alice likes to listen to her Granny's fairy tales. One evening Alice and her Granny sat on the sofa in their living room. Her Granny asked: "Alice, would you like to listen to my new fairy tale?" Alice answered: "I would like to". And her Granny began to tell.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. She was very beautiful. Her eyes were blue. Her hair was black and long. She liked to put on red and white dresses. "She is like me", - Alice said. And her Granny continued. And she had her chores at home.

One day the girl went for a walk. Suddenly she saw seven women. Those ladies were seven days of the week. They came to the girl and began to ask her questions:

- Who made your breakfast on Monday?

- Who did the washing up on Tuesday?

- Who cooked your lunch on Wednesday?

- Who fed your cat on Thursday?

- Who watered the flowers on Friday?

- Who cleaned the rooms on Saturday?

And every time the girl answered: "It was my Mum", "It was my Dad" or "It was my Granny". At last there was the last question. Lady Sunday asked her: "Who played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and didn't do her chores?" And the girl has to answer: "It was me".

Granny stopped for a moment. And Alice cried: "Oh, Granny, this fairy tale was about me! Now, I understood, I must help you". Alice stood up, brought Granny her slippers and went to water the flowers in her room. Such a smart girl she is!

Words and expressions to the text

once upon a time there lived однажды жила-была


lady — леди

every time всякий раз

has to answer — должна была ответить (вынуждена была)

slippers домашние тапочки

Task A

Choose the main characters of the story. (Выбери главных действующих лиц рассказа.)

1) Granny □ 2) mum □ 3) a little girl □ 4) dad □ 5) Alice □ 6) friends

Task В

Complete the sentences. Translate the words you added. (Дополни предложения. Переведи слова, которые ты добавил.)

1. The little girl was very __________________________.

2. The little girl ______________________________ Alice.

3. Alice would like to listen to Granny's ___________.

4. Alice liked _______________ red and white dresses.

5. Who _______________ your cat on Thursday?

Task С

Answer the questions. (Ответь на вопросы.)

  1. Who in the story told fairy tales?______________________________________________

  2. Who liked listening to fairy tales?_____________________________________________

  3. How many women did the girl see?____________________________________________

  4. Who were those ladies from the fairy tale?______________________________________


  1. Was Alice a smart girl? Prove it.______________________________________________


  1. What chores do you have at home?___________________________________________



  1. Make words from the letters






  1. Make word combinations

1. to care

2. to feel

3. to get

a. permission

b. about

c. in danger

  1. Give equivalents

1. to wear a uniform

2. to be cautious of strangers

3. fair rules

4. without permission

a. без разрешения

b. быть осмотрительным с незнакомцами

c. справедливые правила

d. носить школьную форму

  1. Complete sentences with modal verbs must, should, have to, may, might

  1. I 'm sure you _________ ask your parents' permission before you go anywhere.

  2. Perharps I ________tell my parents or a teacher if I feel in danger.

  3. I _________open e-mail from strangers without my parents' permission.

  4. I _________ be very cautious of strangers.

  5. I __________use the Internet alone.

  6. I ___________ tell a stranger my name and address.

  1. Make the question using the words.

you / homework / Must / your / copy ?


  1. Make words from the letters






  1. Make word combinations

1. safety

2. to be cautious

3. to follow

a. of strangers

b. the rules

c. rules

  1. Give equivalents

1. to get permission

2. to open e-mail

3. to follow the rules

4. to wear a uniform

a. носить школьную форму

b. следовать правилам

c. открывать электронную почту

d. получить разрешение

  1. Complete sentences with modal verbs must, should, have to, may, might

  1. I 'm sure we __________ write down the homework in the homework diary.

  2. Perhaps my grandparents_________ check my diary.

  3. My classmates ____________come before 8 o'clock.

  4. We___________change classrooms at school.

  5. I___________stay at school after lessons.

  6. We __________eat lunch at school to be healthe.

  1. Make the question using the words.

have to / Do you / do / home work / your / every day ?

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