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Инфоурок География ТестыКонтрольная работа за год 10 кл Rainbow English

Контрольная работа за год 10 кл Rainbow English

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Проверочная работа по английскому языку за курс 10 класса


Read the text and the statements after it. Decide in which of the sentences
(1-5) the information is TRUE, FALSE or NOT STATED in the text.
"American people"

America is a friendly country. People easily start talking with each other. When Americans meet people for the first time, they usually shake hands. When they meet friends or relatives they haven’t seen for a long time, they usually kiss them. You can easily spot Americans abroad by their confident manners which come from their sense of individual freedom - their first value and belief.


America is a nation of risk-takers. The first Americans left the known of the Old World for the unknown of the New. They lived a hard life, and they had to be tough and self-reliant. So, self-reliance is usually the second national trait and moral value. The first immigrants often faced difficult problems which needed new solutions. So they soon learned to experiment that led to another American trait, a sense of optimism. Most Americans are sure that every problem has a solution: a difficult problem can be solved at once; an impossible one may take a little longer.


The third national value is material wealth. Most Americans believe that wealth is a reward for hard work. And of course, they believe in the American Dream “from rags to riches”. Americans are optimistic and persistent. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is their favorite saying.


Americans are always on the move. Moving about from place to place is such a common practice that most Americans take it for granted that they may live in four or five cities during their lifetime. American people love speed. They like to cook in microwave ovens, they prefer making phone calls to writing letters, and they like to travel by air rather than bus or train.


Americans are patriots. They are proud of their flag and display it in many places. National holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day greatly contribute to this feeling. There is, of course, no typical American, but a certain stereotype does exist. In my opinion, Americans are open-hearted, straightforward, cheerful, relaxed and tough.

Write True, False, Not Stated:


1. You can`t easily determine Americans abroad by their confident manners.

2. The first immigrants had to face difficult problems which needed new solutions.  

3. Most Americans have a habit of living in one place. 

4. We can`t define a stereotype of a typical American.  

5. The writer is American.  


II Use of English .

2. Complete the text with the derivatives of the words.

1.  Douglas is an …. basketball player to watch. amaze

2. The …… of the house into apartments provided homes for five families. divide

3. Chicken pox is usually a childhood … . sick.

4. The incident raises … questions. trouble

5. Cyprys is a perfect … for a beach holiday. set

6. The builders were …. and experienced. skill

7. Roy looked sad and … . defeat

8. My best friend Carmel is the most helpful person I know. She’s an …. inspire
to me.

9. We wish you the fastest ….. . recover

10. Please, express your ……with new rules directly. disagree

III. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Эта блузка удобная. Ее легко стирать и не нужно гладить. 2. Я продолжил укорять себя за грубые слова, которые сказал. 3. Вы можете позаимствовать книги, но обещайте принести их обратно во вторник. 4. Вход в музей был бесплатным, что помогло нам сэкономить деньги.5. В воскресенье она взялась за повторение грамматических правил к тесту.

4. GRAMMAR .Complete the text with the appropriate grammar forms of the words.

1. Phillip says he …… English since his childhood. Now he speaks English fairly well. learn

2. Do you know when nylon ……? invent

3. Where is Chris? – He is in the garage. He ….. petrol into the car tank. pour

4. All the boys ……(lie) awake in their beds. Everybody expected Santa Claus … (appear) in the fireplace. lie / appear

5. The cake …… into 6 pieces was in the middle of the table. divide

6. Jack said they ……an amazing time at the moment when I phoned. have

7. He entered the hall and …… his coat on the hook. hang

8. I left the classroom as soon as….. I the test. write

9. We …… in the river for half an hour when Alfred came. swim

10. Mr Potter ….. on the bench. It was so quiet and peaceful around. sit

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