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Контрольная работа 8 класс по Биболетовой


Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку. 8 класс по Биболетовой

  1. It was not a hard assignment because Dr. Brown explained it ___.

  1. careful

  2. carefully

  1. Karen is the best student in class. She studies ___.

  1. hard

  2. hardly

  1. Be ___ to visitors if you want them to come back to your country.

  1. pleasant

  2. pleasantly

  1. I could not sleep ___ last night, so I feel ___ today.

  1. good, horrible

  2. well, horrible

  3. well, horribly

  1. She's a poor driver. She can't stop the car ___.

  1. smoothly

  2. smooth

  1. The problem requires a ___ evaluation

  1. serious

  2. seriously

  1. He speaks so ___ that I can't understand him.

  1. fast

  2. fastly

  1. She is an opera singer. She sings ___

  1. beautiful

  2. beautifully

  1. Driving at night can be very ___ sometimes.

  1. dangerous

  2. dangerously

10. She shouted ___ at him.

a. angry

b. angrily

11. He is a __ worker.

a. careless

b. carelessly

12. If you ask ___, I will give it to you.

a. nice

b. nicely

13. Be Quiet! I can't think ___ if you are talking.

a. clear

b. clearly

14. Why are you ___?

a. angry

b. angrily

15. You are always so ___, come on!

a. slow

b. slowly

31. Fill in the gaps with the correct words derived from the words in bold.

Claude Monet was an artist who lived in France between 1840 and 1926.

He is probably the most (1) ________ of all the impressionist painters FAME

and today visitors can see his (2) __________ paintings in museums BEAUTY

around the world. Monet was most (3) __________ in painting INTEREST

nature scenes and his most (4) ___________ works are now IMPRESS

very (5) __________ . However, at the beginning of his career, he VALUE

found it (6) __________ to sell any paintings, which meant that for POSSIBLE

years he was poor. In fact, he only became very (7) ____________ SUCCESS

after his death. Nowadays, people can visit Monet’s home and admire

the (8) __________ gardens where he worked for much of his life. PEACE

32. The World of War Craft

World of War Craft (WoW) is the most popular on line game in the world. It's got more members than the 1___of Portugal. What makes WoW so 2_____ and special? It is a multi-player on line role-playing game that was introduced in 1994.

Its played in a fantasy world called Azeroth. 3_____ can control their characters. For just 29 euros you can explore the landscape, fight monsters and get acquainted with millions of other 4____. For many of them the game is a way to find new friends. “I felt accepted for the first time in my life”, admits an 18 year old youth. But when does5__ fun become a 6___ thing? 10% of on line 7___ admit to playing too much, forgetting to eat and to sleep 8_____.

One 15 year old 9_____ boy even collapsed after playing the game 24 hours non-stop. Psychiatrists are now reporting record numbers of teens seeking help for their online game 10___. But some people believe that the games are not the root of the problem. They say that kids really need their parents and

11 ___. So it is a social problem. Whether it's a social problem or a passion, WoW is 12_____ more than just a game.













16. Those chocolates look ___. Can I have one?

a. nice

b. nicely

17. She opened the door ___.

a. slow

b. slowly

18. It is a beautiful __ day.

a. clear

b. clearly

19. You write so ___. Look at these mistakes.

a. careless

b. carelessly

20. He's a ___ driver.

a. dangerous

b. dangerously

21. He ate his dinner very ___.

a. quick

b. quickly

22. She's a ___ speller.

a. bad

b. badly

23. ___ the wind changed directions.

a. Sudden

b. Suddenly

24. Please try to be more ___.

a. careful

b. carefully

25. He walks so ___ in those boots.

a. heavy

b. heavily

26. She plays the piano ___.

a. perfect

b. perfectly

27. He is a ___ talker, but he never listens.

a. quick

b. quickly

28. She writes very ___.

a. bad

b. badly

29. There was a ___ noise last night. Did you hear it?

a. loud

b. loudly

30. She's a ___ driver, I think.

a. careful

b. carefully

33.  Put in with or by. 

1. The boy cut his finger ... a knife. 3. The teacher was pleased ... our work. 4. America was discovered ... Columbus. 5. "Hamlet" was written…..Shakeреаге. 6. We eat soup ... a spoon. 7. He was killed ... a knife. 8. He was killed ... the robbers. 9. He was knocked down ... a big stick. 10. He was knocked down ... a car. 11. He was taken to hospital... an ambulance. 12. He was treated... very effective drugs. 13. He was cured ... a very skilful doctor. 14. He wrote his letter ... a pencil. 15. He was scolded ... his mother.

34. Put the verb in the proper form. Use Conditionals.

1. The trains all (stop) … if it snowed heavily.

2. If you (go out) … in cold weather without a coat, you would catch a cold.

3. If I saw a cheap second- hand car, I (buy) … it.

4. If you ate well and exercised regularly, you (live) … 100 years.

5. You would have had stomach ache if you (eat) … too much of that cake.

6. If it (rain) … this afternoon, I (take)… my umbrella.

7. If you did not drive carefully, you (have) … an accident.

8. If you (study) … for a higher qualification, you (get) … a better job next year.

9. If you sent the letter by first class mail, it (get) … there the following day.

10. If the weather is fine, we (go) for a picnic.

35. Restore the sentences.

1. You would know English better if …

2. I should have left Moscow yesterday if …

3. If I were you, …

4. If I had known that it was going to rain, …

5. I shall go for a walk, if …

6. I should lend you my textbook if …

7. If we had bought the tickets, …

8. If they were here, …

9. We should be glad if …

10. If he were younger, …

Краткое описание документа:

Контрольная работа - это метод который является распространенной формой проверки оценивания знаний учеников. Состоит она, как правило, из задач или определенного количества вопросов, либо совокупности вопросов и заданий.

Проведение контрольных работ позволяет определить способности учеников к логическому мышлению и изложению определенной точки зрения по конкретным проблемам дисциплины. Такие работы показывают, насколько ученики владеют умением использовать приобретенные знания в процессе анализа конкретных проблем.

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