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Контрольная работа для 6 класса

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Form 6. Grammar Test.

  1. Put in verbs in the correct form.

  1. We (go) to the cinema next week.

  2. They (play) tennis 2 days ago.

  3. She (read) books every day.

  4. Look! The cat (drink) milk now.

  5. He (do) already his test.

  1. Choose the correct verb.

  1. The town (is, was, were) founded in 1368.

  2. They (will, are, have) already (buy, buying, bought) presents for all their relatives.

  3. What (is, has, does) your sister (doing, done, do) at the moment?

  4. Look! She (is liking, likes, like) our pudding.

  5. In a month I (am, will be, have been) in France.

  1. Write your questions.

  1. We will go to France in 2 days. (общий)

  2. He usually drinks coffee with milk. (альтернативный)

  3. She has already written her poem. (специальный)

  4. The dog is sleeping now. (разделительный)

  5. They bought a new car yesterday. (к подлежащему)

  1. Add the tag endings.

  1. He invited his friends to his place, … ?

  2. Alice has won a funny prize in the show, …?

  3. The brothers don’t get along with their parents, …?

  4. The city is famous for its museums, …?

  5. We will not go to the picnic, …?

  1. Answer the questions.

  1. Can you swim? Yes,

  2. Must we go to school? Yes,

  3. Did he play tennis yesterday? No,

  4. Are you sleeping now? No,

  5. Does my mother like tea? Yes,

  1. Put in the necessary prepositions.

  1. He spent a lot … time translating the articles.

  2. The young mother takes care … her baby.

  3. Linda is responsible … the cultural programme.

  4. Westminster Abbey was founded … St Peter.

  5. The town is rich … parks and museums.

  6. Are you tired … the work?

  7. Her niece is fond … horse racing.

  8. The palace is famous … its history.

Краткое описание документа:


Данная контрольная работа состоит из 6 заданий:

  • Задания на проверку употребления изученных времен.


  •  Задания на проверку употребления изученных времен с вариантами ответов.
  • Задание на проверку умения задавать 5 типов вопросов.
  • Задание  на проверку умения задавать разделительный вопрос.
  • Задание на проверку умения отвечать на общий вопрос.
  • Задание на проверку умения употреблять предлоги.



Цель проверочной работы: проверка изученного  грамматического материала, проверка изученной лексики по теме. Подходит для любого учебника общеобразовательной школы.


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