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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

Задание 1. Тексты 1 – 6 относятся к различным рубрикам. Установите соответствие каждого текста рубрикам из списка AG и занесите верный вариант в таблицу. Каждая рубрика соответствует лишь одному тексту, при этом среди них одна лишняя.








1. Hi, CLICK,

We are two friends, Dario and Michele. We sit together at school. We are eleven years old. We live in a village near Florence. …

2. Join us for the trip of a lifetime, cycling 400 km across this most beautiful of Caribbean islands. Enjoy the lush, tropical landscapes, soft, sandy beaches, fine architecture and warm, friendly welcome of Cuba.

3. The Man in the Iron Mask. Leonardo Di Caprio takes on the dual role of the evil Louis XIV and his kind twin brother in this Hollywood adaptation of the Dumas classic. With Gepardieu, John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons as the three musketeers, this should be a belter. Sadly, it isn’t.

4. We are looking for new staff to join our friendly dedicated team and have a variety of posts available. You should have good communication skills, great personality and a strong will.

5. The new Motorola has a built-in digital camera, Multi-media messaging, quality ringtones and downloadable games. Play more, say more and explore the world with Motorola.

6. The world is changing around us. To stay ahead we need to keep learning. In many cases our careers depend on it. The Open University has become a leading provider of learning for people who need to develop their careers.









Задание 2. Прочитайте тексты. Установите, в каких текстах A - G можно найти ответы на вопросы 1 – 6. Ответ на каждый вопрос можно найти только в одном тексте. Один из приведенных текстов лишний. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.


1. get acquainted with the history of transport (learn how people used to travel);

2. observe evolution of artillery;

3. learn how people lived a few centuries ago;

4. observe stars and planets;

5. see all the Shakespeare’s comedies joined into one show;

6. treat yourself to a traditional Afternoon Tea.

A. Firepower is the major new attraction in Woolwich, telling the story of artillery. From cannons and mortars to missile launcher and super gun, the impressive array of equipment makes FIREPOWER London’s most explosive day out!

B. These buildings define the Greenwich Meridian. The real time ball has fallen punctually at 13.00 every day since 1833. Flamsteed House contains the original Astronomer Royal’s apartments and Harrison’s famous marine timekeepers. Free admission.

C. Travel through time and discover the colourful story of London and its famous transport system from 1800 to the present day. Exciting displays of buses, trams, trains, posters, plus touch-screen displays, videos and working models bring the whole story to life.

D. The Reduced Shakespeare Company has taken over the Criterion Theatre, Picadilly and edited the Complete Works of Shakespeare into just two hours! This funny production distils all 16 comedies into just one short extract, while the history plays are performed as a ball game.

E. One of London’s most friendly and charming museums. Displays of English domestic interiors from 1600 to the present day in a series of period rooms. Delightful 18th century alms-house buildings, set in attractive gardens, reflecting tastes and styles of urban middle classes.

F. Small, unusual and noisy, you’ll find every automatic or self-playing instrument known to humankind, all played and explained during an hour-and-a-half demonstration and guided tour.

G. Experience a traditional ‘English Cream Tea’ in the Café in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields. A delicious homemade scone, with clotted cream and jam, plus two slices of cake accompany your tea or coffee, served in the 18-th century Crypt of this baroque church in Trafalgar Square.









Задание 3. Прочитайте отрывок из статьи «MAMMA MIA! Musical Hits von ABBA». В вопросах 1-6 обведите ответ a), b), c), который вы считаете наиболее верным.

Kathy, the musical star is one of the youngest members of the cast of MAMMA MIA!, the ABBA musical that has been running in Hamburg since November 2002. Together with around 40 singers, she goes on stage eight times a week and enraptures the audience with ABBA’s immortal hits. The restless young singer with the long red hair plays the part of 21-year-old Sophie, who lives on a Greek island with her mother Donna and wants to find out who her real father is before she marries.

After huge successes in London, Toronto, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco “MAMMA MIA!” is now being performed at the Hamburg Operetta House – the first non-English production. The curtain goes up almost every day to allow the audience to enjoy hits like “Take a Chance on Me”. The positive feel to the music soon has the audience singing along, and the show finishes with standing ovations every night.

Kathy is thrilled to be a musical star. Every evening she and the rest of the cast sing and dance in front of a different audience. The people who come to watch the musical expect to be entertained.

Before Kathy got a part in “MAMMA MIA!”, she trained as a musical performer. At the age of 14 she started singing lessons. She took [art in amateur dramatics, sang with school bands and danced on stage. “The fascinating thing about musicals is that they are a combination of singing, dancing and acting”, she explains. The training she did was tough, but she covered all “stage disciplines”. To conclude her studies, Kathy had to take a one-hour exam.

The way this musical came about is rather unusual. Normally, here is a story first and then the music is composed and songs written to accompany the plot. In the case of “MAMMA MIA!” it is the other way round. The songs were already successes before it dawned on anyone to make a musical. Even Bjorn Ulvaeus, composer of almost all ABBA’s hits, was thrilled to discover he had written the music for a musical he “didn’t know existed”.

1. Together with around 40 other singers she …

a) sings popular ABBA’s songs.

b) dances and sings.

c) goes on stage eight times a week.

2. … has the audience singing along.

a) The positive feel to the music…

b) The interesting plot of the musical…

c) The perfect play of singers…

3. Kathy is thrilled …

a) to sing popular songs

b) to be a musical star.

c) to go out on the stage.

4. Before Kathy got a part in “MAMMA MIA!”, she …

a) worked as a nurse.

b) trained as a musical performer.

c) studied at school.

5. The fascinating thing about musicals is that …

a) they are a combination of singing and acting.

b) they are a combination of singing and playing.

c) they are a combination of singing, dancing and playing.

6. The way this musical came about is …

a) rather normal.

b) rather unusual.

c) rather interesting.

Задание 4. В следующем тексте необходимо заполнить пропуски, обозначенные цифрами 1 – 6. Вариант ответа (a), b), c), d) ) выберите из предложенных ниже и запишите его в таблицу.

Time for the parade. Behind the scenes at Warner Brothers Movie World Benjamin and his friends (1) _____ ready for the daily parade. He (2) _____ the train with the little carriages packed with the theme park’s cuddly stars through the park. Porky Pig (3) _____ already his position, Sylvester the Cat joins him. Star rabbit Bugs Bunny (4) _____ the parade in a golden stretch cabriolet. The daily parade with the stars of the theme park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen (5) _____ always a part of Benjamin’s job. The show (6) _____ three times a day.

1 a) get b) gets c) are getting d) got

2 a) droved b) drives c) is driving d) drive

3 a) has taken up b) took up c) take up d) takes up

4 a) head b) heads c) is heading d) was heading

5 a) is b) has been c) was d) had been

6 a) performs b) is performed c) performed d) was performed







Задание 5. Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами так, чтобы они соответствовали содержанию текста лексически и грамматически. Впишите образованные Вами слова в таблицу.

I always wanted to be a great (1) _______________ . I had the SCIENCE

dreams of discovering a new drug that would save the lives of

hundreds of people. Unfortunately I was never very good at (2)

_______________ at school and the teacher used to be very CHEMIST

cross with me. After a while I decided I would become an inventor

and design an amazing new (3) _______________ which would PRODUCE

become a household name. My parents were encouraging but told

me not to be so (4) _______________ . A few weeks later I had a AMBITION

brilliant idea for a pen that would write upside down.

To my (5) _______________ a friend of mine pointed out that it DISAPPOINT

was not a new (6) _______________ . DISCOVER







Краткое описание документа:

Контрольная работа предназначена  для  студентов СПО  1 курса. Цель данной   работы  определение уровня сформированности умений и навыков по английскому языку. Объектами контроля являются элементы языка (лексика, грамматика) и речевая деятельность (чтение).

Контрольная работа состоит из пяти разделов:

Часть 1 (базовый уровень): понимание общего содержания текста. Тип задания: установление соответствия; каждый заголовок соответствует только одному тексту, при этом, один заголовок лишний.

Часть 2 (повышенный уровень): умение находить запрашиваемую информацию. Тип задания: установление соответствия между вопросами и содержанием текстов; при этом, текстов на один больше, чем вопросов.

Часть 3 (высокий уровень): полное понимание связного текста. Тип задания: выбор правильного ответа из трех предложенных.

Часть 4 (грамматика, базовый уровень): восстановление пропущенного слова в связном тексте. Тип задания: выбор правильного ответа из четырех предложенных.

Часть 5 (лексика, повышенный уровень): восстановление пропущенного слова в связном тексте. Тип задания: словообразование.



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