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Контрольная работа по английскому языку. 10 класс.

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку ученика(цы) 10 класса

______________________________________ школы (Ф.И.)__________________________________

  1. Choose the correct verb form (Past Simple or Present Perfect)

The Maoris

The Maoris are the original people of New Zealand. They 1 lived/have lived in New Zealand for over 600 years. They 2 travelled/have travelled to New Zealand in canoes from the Polynesian islands in 1350. For a long time they 3 were/have been the only people in New Zealand. They 4 drew/have drawn pictures on rocks that told stories about their lives. Stories 5 were always/ have always been important. European travelers 6 came/have come to new Zealand in the 19th century. Life

7 changed/has changed for the Maoris when the travelers 8 took/ have taken a lot of Maori land. Now Maoris and European New Zealanders 9 lived/ have lived together for over 200 years and the government 10 returned/has returned the Maori land. Although most Maoris speak English, they

11 didn’t forget/haven’t forgotten their traditions, customs, songs, dances and language.

  1. St Patrick is the patron saint in Ireland. Read these sentences about him and write the correct adjectives in the spaces. Write alphabet letters after each adjective in the grid underneath. You can see the name on the city which has the biggest St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world.

The story of St Patrick

1). St Patrick was born in the 4th century. People think he was Irish but in fact he was __________.

2). Some people kidnapped him and took him to Ireland when he was very ________ .

3). He had a ___________ time in Ireland.

4). He escaped and moved to France. He read the Bible and prayed all the time. He was very ___________ .

5). St Patrick chose the shamrock as a symbol of his religion. Now the shamrock is the ___________ symbol of Ireland.

6). There are lots of myths and legends about the shamrock. Irish people that it’s very lucky and bad people are ____________ of it.

7). They say that all the ______________ animals ran away when they saw St Patrick with the shamrock in his hand. Maybe this is true because there no snakes in Ireland!

Young (E), dangerous(K), religious(Y), Welsh(N), terrible(W), national(O), afraid(R)

  1. Use articles the, a where necessary

  1. She was the first woman to cross _____ Atlantic in a canoe.

  2. I spent very interesting holidays in ______ England.

  3. Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in _____ North America.

  4. _____ United Kingdom is an island state.

  5. Severe droughts, floods and cyclones happen very often in _____ Australia.

  6. _____ Heathrow, ______ Gatwick and ______Ramsgate are the busiest airports in _____

Great Britain.

  1. We travelled through _____ Rocky mountain, along ______ Mackenzie to ____ Great Bear


  1. A lot of families spend their holidays on ____ Black and _____ Mediterranean Sea.

  1. Form a word that fits in the blank space from the word in capitals. Fill in each gap

with the new word.

Once a year, children from (1) ________ countries come together for a special (2) ________ on World Children’s Day. It started on April 1986 with a letter to UNISEF.

Now children get together every year on the (3) _____ Sunday in April. A lot of talented (4) ___________, (5) _______, (6) _______ and the (7)_________ of different children’s (8) __________from all over the world come to take part in the (9) _________. They gather to show how much they care about the Earth and tell about their (10) ________.









Анализ контрольной работы по английскому языку для 10 класса

______________________________________ школа, учитель ___________________________

Всего учащихся _______


На «5» _________

На «4» _________

На «3» _________

На «2» _________

Допущены ошибки в :

Употреблении времени __________

понимании текста _______________

употреблении артикля____________

словообразовании _______________

Краткое описание документа:

Данную контрольную работу рекомендуется проводить после прохождения темы "Different countries, different landscapes". Учебник 10-11 класс автора Кузовлев В.П.

Задание №1 контролирует  употреблении времени Past Simple/Present Perfect.Кроме того, это упражнение информативное, так как дает сведения о коренных жителях Новой Зеландии племени Маори.  Задание №2 направлено на контроль понимания текста. Текст содержит информацию о святом Ирландии Святом Патрике.Задание №3 контролирует употреблении артикля с именами собственными. Выполнение задания №4 требует полного понимания текста и знания словообразования.необходимо понять смысл предложения, понять какой член предложения требуется и образовать эту часть речи.



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