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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольная работа по английскому языку (3 класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольная работа по английскому языку (3 класс)


____________________________ ____________________________

Test Paper 3rd Grade Term 3.

  1. Complete the sentences with a lot of, much, many

  1. Are there __________________ holidays in a year?

  2. I like to read books. I ‘ve got ____________ books.

  3. Were there _______________ different birds at the Zoo?

  4. Please, hurry up! I haven’t got _______________ time.

  5. There is ____________ juice in the glass.

  6. We saw ______________

  1. Choose the right item

  1. Yesterday morning my father ____________ eat a cake. (doesn’t eat/didn’t eat)

  2. ____________ you usually eat porridge in the morning? (Do/Did)

  3. She __________ soup without meat last Sunday. (make/made)

  4. Did you ________ this nice cake ? (make/made)

  5. The boys ______________ on the school sports ground yesterday. (run/ran)

  6. When ________ your parents come home yesterday? (do/did)

  7. I didn’t ____________ a box of sweets yesterday. (buy/bought)

  8. _____ she go to the swimming pool last week? (Does/Did)

  9. ______ he in London last month? (Did/Does/Was)

  10. I __________ very hungry yesterday. (am/was)

  1. Make the sentences negative

  1. My mother ate salad with bread.


  1. Jill bought sweets yesterday.


  1. My parents came home at night.


  1. Mary drank apple juice yesterday.


  1. They played leap-frog yesterday.


  1. The flowers were red and orange.


  1. Choose the right word:

  1. Tim ___________ shopping last week.

  1. doesn’t go b) didn’t go c) didn’t went

  1. _______________________ the present?

  1. She liked b) Did she liked c) Did she like

  1. Tom _______________ in Moscow last year.

  1. is b) was c) were

  1. Ann _____________________ now.

  1. sleeps b) slept c) sleeping

  1. I usually ______________ books in the evening.

  1. read b) is reading c) am reading

  1. There ____________ a cake on the table today.

  1. was b) is c) were

  1. _______________________________________ in the book.

  1. There are no pictures b) No pictures c) There are no pictures

  1. My mother ________________ home at 8 o’clock.

  1. come b) comes c) came

  1. Look! The baby __________________.

  1. sleeps b) am sleeping c) is sleeping

  1. Nick ______________ at 6 o’clock yesterday.

  1. got up b) gets c) is getting

  1. Complete the sentences with SOME or ANY.

  1. Yesterday I bought __________ eggs.

  2. Have you got ________ questions?

  3. There are ___________ flowers on the table.

  4. I haven’t got _________ little dolls.

  5. Do you know _________ English songs?

  6. Has she got _______English books?

  7. We visited _________interesting places.

  8. They didn’t make ________bread.

  9. There aren’t_________ sweets here.

  10. Don’t buy _______ bread.

  11. We have got _________bread.

  12. Are there__________ letters for Mr Brown today?

  1. Complete the questions.

  1. You’ve got some juice, ________________?

  2. You haven’t got any cheese, ________________?

  3. He wants to bring something, ________________?

  4. He doesn’t want to see anything, _______________?

  5. She saw something interesting, ________________?

  6. She didn’t take anything, __________________?

  7. They’ll buy some vegetables, __________________?

  8. He won’t give them anything, __________________?

  1. Translate the sentences.

  1. Ты прочитаешь эту книгу? ______________________________________________

  2. кто прочитает эту книгу? _______________________________________________

  3. Когда ты прочитаешь эту книгу? _________________________________________

  4. Ты прочитаешь 2 или 3 книги? __________________________________________

  5. Книга интересная, не так ли? ____________________________________________

  1. Read the story.

Garden- сад

Lose (lost)- терять

Catch (caught)- ловить

Net- сеть

Scarecrow- пугало

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter were nice lit­tle rabbits. They lived with their mother near a big tree. It was fun to play tag and hide-and-seek there! Mrs. Rabbit loved her children, they were very good and nice. They always did what their mother told them to do. But Peter... Oh, Peter! He did what he wanted!

One morning Mrs. Rabbit went shopping. But be­fore she went to buy some bread and milk and four toys for her children, she told them about Mr. McGregor. ‘You mustn’t come to Mr. McGregor’s house! He doesn’t like rabbits.’

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail played their favourite games near the big tree. But Peter ran to Mr. McGregor’s house and got into his garden.

There were a lot of vegetables there! Sweet carrots and red tomatoes, big potatoes and tasty apples. Peter was very hungry and he started his lunch...

At 12 o’clock Mr. McGregor came into the garden and started his work. He had a lot of work to do about the garden. He liked to look after his beautiful garden.

Suddenly he saw Peter. You know, Mr. McGregor didn’t like rabbits because every year they ate his fruit and vegetables. So when he saw Peter, he jumped up and ran after Peter.

The rabbit ran as fast as he could. He ran and ran around the garden. He couldn’t get out of it. He couldn’t see the garden door. ‘It can’t be! Where is the garden door? Where is the garden door? ’ Peter thought. Then he lost his shoe near the tomatoes, Peter ran faster without his and the other shoe he lost near the potatoes. With- out his shoes he could run on his four legs!

Ouch! Something caught him! Poor thing! He ran into the garden net. There was a big hole in his new blue jacket and Peter began to cry.

Mr. McGregor was near Peter. What did Peter do? He took off his jacket... No, he jumped out of his jacket and ran as fast as he could. He had no clothes on and ran very fast.

Suddenly he saw the garden door. But it was closed! He didn’t think for a long time and quickly went under it. How happy he was to be out of the garden!

Mr. McGregor was happy too. No rabbit in his garden. When he saw Peter’s little jacket and shoes, he got much happier. He put them on a scarecrow. There were a lot of birds in his garden!

Peter ran home! He didn’t stop for a moment! When he was at home, he went to sleep the moment he closed his eyes.

In the morning Mrs. Rabbit wanted to wash his clothes. ‘Where are your shoes and jacket? Peter, you lost the second little jacket! And a pair of shoes! Again!’

And she never gave Peter nice clothes when he went for a walk!

  1. Choose the right answer.

  1. __________always did what their mother told them to do.

a) Flopsy and Mopsy

b) Cottontail and Peter

c) Mrs. Rabbit

d) Mr. McGregor

  1. Little rabbits didn’t play____________ near a big tree.

  1. Children’s games

  2. Sport games

  3. Hide-and-seek

  4. Tag

  1. Peter went to Mr. McGregor’s garden because ________________ .

  1. He wanted to play with him

  2. His mother told him to visit Mr. McGregor

  3. Mr. McGregor invited him for a party

  4. He wanted to eat vegetables there

  1. _____________ caught Peter in the garden.

  1. Mr. McGregor

  2. The garden net

  3. A scarecrow

  4. Mrs. Rabbit

  1. Peter ran faster without his ______________

  1. Shorts

  2. Shoes

  3. Shirt

  4. Skirt

  1. Peter lost his __________________ in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

a) jacket and shoes

b) shorts and shoes

c) jacket and socks

d) shirt and blouse

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Краткое описание документа:

Уважаемые учителя! Хочу поделиться с Вами, учителями иностранных языков, а точнее учителями английского языка, собственным педагогическим опытом.

В данной разработке я разместила контрольную работу за 9 класс, которая, возможно, поможет и Вам.

Порой бывает очень сложно найти нужную контрольную работу, которая бы соответствовала программе. Если Вы работаете по учебно-методическому комплекту О.В. Афанасьевой и И.В. Михеевой "English" для школ с углубленным изучением иностранных языков, то, думаю, моя работа Вам обязательно поможет.


Контрольная работа состоит из трех этапов: грамматического, лексического и, конечно, чтения.

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