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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Контрольные работы по английскому языку в среднем звене
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольные работы по английскому языку в среднем звене




Vocabulary and Grammar

II. Complete each sentence by using an adjective from the list on the left and a preposition from the list on the right. You must use each adjective and preposition once only.

dependant famous good at for of

relevant typical on to

The town is especially……………… …………. its elegant architecture.

Could you add this up for me? I’m not very ……………… ……. maths.

We try to eat food which is …………….. ……….. the region in which we are travelling.

They built nuclear power stations so as not to be ………………….. ………… coal as their main source of energy.

This is not really …………….. ……….. our discussion so can we get back to the main point of the meeting?

III. Choose the correct word to complete these sentences.

My kitten likes to play with _____ tail.



it is


_____ is done where many command.



A little


She speaks Danish, so _____ her husband.

A. does

B. do

C. is

D. has

I am sorry I really feel _____ to day.





I _____ over the phone when they brought me the letter.


had talked

had been talking

was talking

The rent is 50 dollars _____ week.




My dear wife didn’t speak _____ at the party.


a lot of



Where are my glasses? Has anybody seen _____?





I don’t want _____ or help.


an advice



The room was _____ comfortable _____ clean, was it?

either … or

neither … nor

either … nor

neither … or

Public transport in London is _____ in Europe.

more expensive

a most expensivest

the most expensive

the expensivest

Yesterday while Dad _____, he _____ himself slightly.

shaved, cut

was shaving, was cutting

was shaving, cut

shaved, was cutting

13.They can’t go out because they _____ raincoats and umbrellas.

have got


don’t have

doesn’t have

14. Which of the following is correct?

There is a book and two pens on the table.

On the table there are a book and two pens.

There is two pens and a book on the table.

There are a book and two pens on the table.

Why _____?

did they came to the farm suddenly

did they come to the farm suddenly

they came to the farm suddenly

they did come to the farm suddenly

What’s their new friend _____?



look like

look after

You know, she plays _____ piano very well.




They have won six times since the season began, haven’t they?

Yes, they did

No, they didn’t

No, they have

Yes, they have

19._____ birthday is it to day ? It’s Clementine’s birthday. She is fifteen.





20.Have you _____ forgotten a friend’s birthday? No, I haven’t.





IV. For questions 1-10, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.


Running is (1) ………. of the cheapest and most effective forms of exercise. When you first (2) …….. up the sport, it is important to build up your strength slowly. You should, however, plan to go out for (3) …… least thirty minutes, running for a minute and walking for a minute. (4) ……… this seems like a long time, you should try running (5) ………. a partner as this will help you to (6) …….. going.

It is a good idea to run on grass rather (7) …….. hard surfaces. This will help you to avoid injury to your muscles which may not be (8) ……….. to this kind of exercise. You (9) …………. to wear clothes that are both waterproof and lightweight and you should take care over your choice of footwear. This is (10) ………. the right kind of shoes are absolutely essential for running.

1. A this B such C one D the one

2. A take B do C make D pick

3. A average B at C the D up to

4. A If B Unless C Until D When

5. A like B for C with D as

6. A concentrate B stop C go on D keep

7. A than B then C as D like

8. A used B long C necessary D disastrous

9. A should B need C may D are not

10. A why B what C because D kind

Reading Comprehension.

V. Read the text and choose the best answer.

The period from the defeat of the Spanish Armada to the death of James I represents one of Europe’s most brilliant “golden ages”.

Elizabethan civilisation was the fruit of an exceptionally favourable political and social union. The year 1588, which saw the defeat of the “Invincible Armada”, ushered in an age inspired by a new sense of self-confidence and optimism. It was really from this moment that music and theatre began to spread their wings. In the theatre for which Shakespeare wrote, music held an important place, and composers actively collaborated in plays which they enriched with numerous music pieces accompanied on the lute or viols. Unfortunately, owing to the essentially ephemeral nature of the occasion, much of this music is now lost.

But perhaps one of the most remarkable features of the Elizabethan age was the popularity of music making. In a period when public concerts were still unknown, the abundance of musical publications is explained by the great demand for music by amateurs. Everyone sang madrigals, most sizeable households possessed a chest of viola, and the virginal for which the keyboard composers poured out flood of fine music , was still more popular. As for the lute, such was its popularity that it was even to be found in barbers’ shops, so that customers might pluck a few chords while awaiting their turn. Any young man unable to take his proper place in a vocal or instrumental concert became a laughing-stock of the society.

Religious music plays a definitely lesser role compared with the preceding period, even though it is represented by the masterpieces of Byrd and Gibbons.

1.Which of these statements is true?

Elizabethan civilisation was not the fruit of an exceptionally favourable political and social union.

Music was important in the theatre

It was a period when public concerts were very popular

Religious music still played great role

The word “their” in line 6 refers to

Self-confidence and optimism

Theatre and Shakespeare

Invincible Armada”

Theatre and music

The verb “to collaborate” in line 8 most nearly means

To work together

To act

To practice

To perform

The word “amateur” in line 14 most nearly means

Person who likes music

Person who wants to become a composer

Person who does something for enjoyment, not as a job

Person who is employed as a composer

The word “its” in line 16 refers to


fine music


their turn

According to this passage, what can be called “the golden age” in England?

The year 1588

The moment of self-confidence and optimism

The reign of James I

The period from the defeat of the Spanish Armada to the death of James I

According to the text, which instrument could be found even in barbers’ shops?





Which of the following can not be referred to “golden ages”?

Most sizeable households could not afford a chest of viola

Music and theatre began to spread their wings

There were a lot of musical publications

It was not good for a young man to be unable to take place in a vocal or instrument concert

Which of the following statements is not mentioned in the text?

the golden age” was inspired by a new sense of self-confidence and optimism

madrigals were never sang at that time

much of the music of that period is lost

Byrd and Gibbons created masterpieces of religious music

The word “laughing-stock” in line 19 most nearly means

someone who likes to laugh a lot

someone who tells jokes

someone who is regarded as foolish

d. every young man

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