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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольные задания в тестовой форме по английскому языку. 4 класс. Unit 7 " School is fun." Section 3-4. УМК Enjoy English, Биболетова М.З.

Контрольные задания в тестовой форме по английскому языку. 4 класс. Unit 7 " School is fun." Section 3-4. УМК Enjoy English, Биболетова М.З.

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4 класс

Unit 7. School is fun

(Section 3-4)

  1. Какое слово лишнее? Зачеркни его.

  1. Mouth, cake, eye, ear, nose.

  2. Play, help, swim, room, take.

  3. Boots, shoes, trainers, trousers.

  4. Board, desk, bookshelf, teacher’s table, pantry.

  5. Slim, smart, rich, send, rainy.

  6. Skirt, dress, scarf, raincoat, puzzle.

  1. Выбери нужное слово и заполни пропуски:

play, learn, count, write, do, answer

  1. We must _____________ our homework every day.

  2. Mary and Jack don’t ___________ computer games at school.

  3. They ________________ new words in the English lesson.

  4. I couldn’t _____________ teacher’s questions yesterday.

  5. We ___________ many poems by heart.

  6. My little sister can __________ from 1 to 20.

  1. Ответьте на вопросы, используя данные слова:

I do/ I don't, I can/ I can't, I am? I’ not,

I have/ I haven’t

  1. Раскрой скобки, употребив глагол в прошедшем времени, то есть во второй форме. (Past Simple).

The Red Cow (1) _____________ (to live) in the field of beautiful flowers. In the morning she (2) ___________ (to give) lessons to her daughter. In the afternoon they (3) ______________ (to eat) sweets green grass. In the evening the Red Cow (4) ______________ (to think) about her happy life.

One night the Red Cow (5) _________ (to get) up suddenly and (6)_________

(to begin) to dance. There (7) ___________ (to be) no music but she (8) ________

(to dance). Then she (9) ____________ (to want) to stop but she could not.

  1. Составь предложения из слов. Слово с большой буквы – это начало предложения.

1.you/ swim/ in the river/ Did/ in June? - ________________________________


2. It/ in winter/ is/ very cold. - ________________________________________


3. you/ hungry/ Are? - _______________________________________________


4. My mother/ next summer/ will take me/ to the Black Sea. - _______________


5.did/ you/ go/ Where/ yesterday? - ____________________________________


6.a lot of sweets/ There/ in the box/were. - ______________________________

  1. Прочитайте сказку и закончите предложения.

Shoemaker and the Elves (Сапожник и эльфы)

Once there lived a poor shoemaker. He was old and couldn’t work well.

One night he couldn’t finish his work – the boots for a King! But next morning he saw nice boots on the table1 The King gave him a lot of money and asked him to make shoes for his daughter.

The shoemaker was very ill and couldn’t work. But next morning he saw the most beautiful shoes on the table!

The old man thought: “Who helped me?”

At night the shoemaker saw two elves! They were very little but looked like boys. They were very cold because they had little clothes on. Their shoes were very old and dirty.

They haven’t got warm clothes! They help me and I must help them too. I’ll make new jackets and shoes!”

At night the two elves saw two red jackets and new shoes. They put them on. They were so happy that they didn’t want to work. They went away from the shoemaker’s house and were never back.

What about the old man? He was very sad, but he was never poor.

  1. The shoemaker was ______________________________________

  1. ___________________________ made boots for the King.

  1. The elves were _________________________________________

  1. The shoemaker made _______________________ for the elves.

  1. The elves _____________________ new clothes.

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