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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольный срез по лексико-грамматическому материалу английского языка за III семестр

Контрольный срез по лексико-грамматическому материалу английского языка за III семестр

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Вариант 1

I. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

  1. Russia is situated in … .

а) Europe and Asia b) America and Australia c) the West of Europe d) in the East of Asia

  1. Russia is very rich in … .

а) deserts b)mineral resources c) icebergs

  1. The USA is situated on the … American continent.

а) North b) South

  1. In the south the USA have borders with … .

  1. Canada b) Mexico c) Brazil d) Italy

  1. In the north the USA have borders with … .

  1. New Zealand b) Canada c) the UK d) France

  1. The capital of the USA is … .

  1. New York b) Washington DC c) London d) Chicago

  1. The USA is a … .

  1. monarchy b) a parliamentary republic c) colony of the UK

  1. America was discovered by … .

  1. Christopher Columbus b) Amerigo de Visputchi c) James Cook

  1. The residence of the USA president is in … .

  1. the White House b) Downing Street c) Petrovsky Street

  1. The UK is situated … .

  1. on the British Isles b) in Europe c) on the North American continent

  1. The UK consists of … countries.

  1. 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

  1. The capital of the UK is … .

  1. London b) Liverpool c) Manchester d) Newport

  1. Great Britain is a … .

  1. constitutional monarchy b) parliamentary republic

  1. London is situated on the … river.

  1. Siena b) Thames c) Moscow d) Tyne

  1. The oldest part of London is … .

  1. Westminster b) the West End c) the East End d) the City

II. Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге (Present Passive):

  1. The children … to the Zoo every summer.

  1. were taken b) are taken c) will be taken

2.This dish … by my mother for every Christmas.

a)am cooked b) is cooked c) are cooked

3. Bread … every day.

a) is eaten b) are eaten c) is eated

4. Many houses … in our town every year.

a) is built b) are built c) are build

5. A lot of interesting games always … at our PT lessons.

a) is playing b) are played c) am played

Вариант 2

I. Выберите правильный вариант ответа

  1. The USA is washed by … .

  1. one ocean b) two oceans c) three oceans

  1. The United States of America is headed by … .

  1. the President b) a monarch c) the State Duma d) by people

  1. The climate of Great Britain is … the whole year round.

  1. mild b) cold c) rainy d) frosty

  1. Great Britain is a country with … cultural traditions and customs.

  1. old b) new c) modern d) international

  1. The oldest and the most famous universities of Great Britain are … universities.

  1. Manchester & Liverpool b) Oxford & Cambridge c) London & Edinburgh d)Belfast & Cambridge

  1. The President of the USA is elected for a … term.

a) 4 year b) 5 years c) 6 years d) 8 years

  1. is the heart of Moscow.

  1. Manezhnaya square b) Trafalgar square c) Red Square d) Victory square

  1. The President of Russia is elected for a … term.

  1. 4 year b) 5 year c) 6 year d) 8 year

  1. There are … states in the USA.

  1. 50 b) 49 c) 51 d) 52

  1. Great Britain is separated from the continent by … .

  1. the Pacific ocean b) the Irish sea c) the Bristol Channel d) the English Channel

  1. The head of the UK is … .

  1. the Prime Minister b) the President c) the Queen d) the Speaker

  1. The Union Jack is … .

  1. the flag of the UK b) the flag of Scotland c) the flag of Wales

d) the flag of England

  1. Christmas Day in Great Britain is celebrated on the 25th of … .

  1. December b) January c) February d) March

  1. A new National Emblem of Russia is a … .

  1. two-headed eagle b) matryoshka c) a red star d) a red flag

  1. is the biggest bell in Britain.

  1. the Clock b) the Clock Bell c) Big Ben

II. Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге (Present Passive):

  1. Hockey … in winter.

  1. were playedb) are played c) is played

2.I … at the lesson every day.

a)are asked b) am asked c) is ask

3. These cars … in Japan.

a) is made b) are make c) are made

4. Flowers … in the streets.

a) are bought b) is buy c) is bought

5. The texts … from English into Russian.

a) is translated b) are translate c) am translated

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