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Контрольный урок на тему: Test yourself

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Form: 10

The theme of the lesson: Test yourself

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to revise grammar and lexical themes.

Developing: to develop the pupils speaking skills, writing and listening skills

Up-bringing: to bring up pupils memory.

Equipments: tests


I - Good morning boys and girls!

- How are you today?

- Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?

- Who is absent?

II Warm up.

Revise the grammar and lexical themes.

III.Check h/w

IV. Test yourself:

I.Answer the questions:

-What is your favourite kind of holiday?

-What is the major airport in London?

-How much sleep is enough?

-How do you help the environment?

-What countries does Kazakhstan border on?

II.Match the words with their synonyms:

a)get along with 1) intelligent

b)look like 2) graduate

c)look after 3) return

d)come back 4) fit

e)keep on 5) resemble

f)great 6)continue

g)finish 7) hard

h)healthy 8) take care of

i)difficult 9) be friendly with

j)clever 10) enormous

III.Write comparative and superlative forms:











IV.Put the verbs in the correct order.

a)At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning he_______ (talk) to his friend.

b) Alice ... (not to take) the bus to school every day.

She usually ... (to walk) to school...

c) Where are the children? They ... (to watch) TV in the room now.

d) Joe __________ (buy) a car yesterday.

e) Jeanne and Paul_______ (move) to London next month.

f) Frank, where have you been? We _______ (wait) for you since 1 p.m.

g) I first________ (meet) George a month ago, and I ________ (meet) him

several times since then.


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