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Контрольное задание (5 класс)

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Контрольное задание

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Контроль лексико-грамматических навыков

1. Организационный момент

Приветствие, дежурство, дата.

Today we shall have the control test on the topic "We are going to travel". There will be two tasks. The first task – а dictation, and the second you will be able to read on cards I'll give you.

2. Проведение контрольной работы

2.1. Диктант:

Предложения учителя:

1. Can we arrange a date and time of a picnic now?

2. He is responsible for the social programme.

3. I don't like this educational programme.

4. She is going to stay with her little brother, isn't she?

5. Do you like to go to the cinema or to the theatre?

6. His partner often plays sport at the weekend.

2.2. Контроль грамматики

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2.2.1. Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.

1) weekend

a) a rest; b) Saturday and Sunday; с) seven days

2) to arrange

a) to think;b) to go out; c) to make plans

3) programme

a) an invitation letter; b) an actor's diary; c) a plan for doing something

2.2.2. Выбери и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу:

1) Let's ... a picnic at the weekend.

a) make; b) arrange; c) miss; d) stay

2) The students will ... with British families.

a) propose; b) visit; c) play; d) stay

3) I'll like to invite a ... of students to visit us.

a) invitation;b) programme; c) partner; d) group

4) My sister ... for the educational and social programme.

a) started; b) went out; c) was responsible; d) arranged

5) Our ... football team went abroad last week.

a) local; b) foreign; c) responsible; d) social

2.2.3. Выбери правильное окончание вопроса;

1) Barbara Grey will be responsible for the social programme, ...

a) won't they? b) will she? c) won't she?

2) Your grandfather doesn't play sports any more,... a) doesn't he? b) does he? c) isn't he?

3) Our headteacher is going to make a new timetable, ...

a) is he? b) don't he? c) isn't he?

4) Joan's elder brother didn't go out with his foreign visitors yesterday, ...

a) was he? b) did he? c) didn't he?

2.2.4. Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме:

1) Yesterday Andrew and his friends ... to the cinema. a) go b) went c) will go

2) We ... to have a picnic next weekend, a) will go; b) are going; c) go

3) She usually ... with her friends during her visit to London. a) stay; b) stays; c) will stay

3. Дополнительные задания для контроля грамматики.

3.1. Ask the questions to the following sentences:

1. I am going to help you. (What?)

2. We are going to travel abroad. (Who?)

3. My friends will visit us tomorrow. (When?)

4. He can see three pupils in the picture. (How many?)

5. Helen was late yesterday. (Why?)

6. They started that work last week. (When?)

7. Jack plays football at the stadium. (Where?)

3.2. Ask the tag questions to the following sentences:

1. They are going to study Literature, ...?

2. We shall spend our holidays in Great Britain, ...?

3. His friend can speak English very well, ...?

4.I never play tennis in winter, ...?

5. You are not a doctor, ...?

6. The girl helped her granny about the house last week, ...?

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