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Контрольно-измерительный материал за 1 четверть (5 класс)

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку (I четверть)

  1. Listen to the dialogue (p.29, ex.1), and say which sentences are true.

  1. Claude and Jerry are going to the sea together.

  2. Claude is going abroad with his sister.

  3. Julia is going to London.

  4. Claude is not going to warm countries.

  5. Julia doesn’t want to see the squares of London.

  6. Claude is going to write Jerry from London.

  7. Claude is going to write a letter to Jerry.

  1. Choose and write the right forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.

  1. Sarah didn’t (meet/ met) meet her cousin in the city yesterday.

  2. Joan (see/ saw)_________some funny dogs in the street.

  3. The Greens (write/ wrote)_________ some letters to their son’s teacher last week.

  4. Mike (eat/ ate) _________ a ham sandwich for breakfast yesterday.

  5. They didn’t (drink/ drank) ________tea in the café last Sunday.

  6. Yesterday after lunch we (go/ went) ________to the park and (have/had) _________fun there.

  7. Betsy didn’t (drink/drank)________milk in the evening as she (was/ were)_________very tired.

  8. Susan (live/lived) __________ in London last year.

  9. I didn’t (go/went)____________to school last week, as I (was/were)___________ill.

  10. When Henry and Dick (was/were)___________in Madrid, they (enjoy/enjoyed)_________ their time there.

  1. Choose the right forms of the adjectives (a-c) to complete the sentences.

  1. Sarah is the cleverest girl in our school.

  1. clever b) cleverer c) the cleverest

  1. My flat is ______________ than Peter’s

  1. cosy b) cosier c) the cosiest

  1. It is ____________in London than in Madrid in autumn.

  1. foggy b) foggier c) the foggiest

  1. The elephant is ___________ animal in the zoo.

  1. old b) older c) the oldest

  1. January is often ________ month in the year.

  1. cold b) colder c) coldest

  1. Your answer is ____________ today than it was yesterday.

a) bad b) worse c) the worst

7) Vatican City is __________ than Monaco.

a) small b) smaller c) the smallest

8) It is _________ story in the book.

a) good b) better c)the best

9) Peter’s car is ___________________________ than Kavin’s.

a) comfortable b) more comfortable c) the most comfortable

10) It is a _____________ day today but yesterday it rained.

a) sunny b) sunnier c) the sunniest

4. Write “who- questions” to the following sentences.

  1. Lisz sang very well at the party yesterday.


  1. Dan spoke a lot on the phone last night.


  1. Bob came home late at night.


  1. Richard makes a nice present for his sister.


  1. They walk in the park every Sunday.


  1. Complete the sentences using the words from the box

Square, thing, capital, letter, city, abroad.

  1. The best ______for Susan is to stay at home.

  2. B” is the second __________ of the English alphabet.

  3. Red_______ is the most beautiful place in Moscow.

  4. Madrid is the _______of Spain.

  5. Last year I went _________ and net a lot of new friends there.

  6. Rome is a wonderful_________.

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