Инфоурок Другое ТестыКонтрольные упражнения с ответами по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4

Контрольные упражнения с ответами по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4

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Order of Adjectives

1. Complete the sentences.

They stayed in a _____________ (little / cute) cottage. comfortable computer

I visited a _____________ (old / spooky / German) castle. spooky old German

He has a _____________ (old / beautiful / silver) ring. beautiful old silver

We ate some (green / round / English) apples. round green English

I need a _____________ (comfortable / computer) desk. comfortable computer

Fashion Verbs

2. Match the verbs to their definitions

put on     wear     match     go     try on     fit     take off     suit


_____to be the exact size and/or shape for a person fit


_____to look nice and pleasant next to another thing, because of the right texture and/or colour match


_____to put something on to discover if it is the right size and looks nice on you before buying try on


_____to make a person look more attractive in that particular thing suit


_____to look good with each other go


_____to have an item of clothing, accessories on your body wear

_____to move an item of clothing onto a person's body put on


_____to remove clothes from your body take off

3. Complete with the missing letters.

Lo_king, well-bu_lt, too conce_ned, influ_nce, con_entrate, ma_ch, d_velop, _omment, a_pearan_e, chil_ish, overwe_g_t, stra_g_t, curly, t_in, t_ick, b_shy.

Looking, well-built, too concerned, influence, concentrate, match, develop, comment, appearance, childish, overweight, straight, curly, thin, thick, bushy

Формат ВПР. Reading

4. Read the dialogue and choose the correct options.

Sarah: Hey, Tom. Why are you so gloomy today?

Tom: I want to buy new headphones, but I've run out of money.

Sarah: How about your pocket money?

Tom: My parents haven't given me any since I've got not very good marks at school.

Sarah: Hmmm… You can try to earn some.

Tom: Yeah, I've also thought about that, but I don't know how.

Sarah: Well, last summer hopdays I was looking after my neighbour's baby.

Tom: No way! Babysitting is definitely not my cup or tea!

Sarah: OK, then you can try mowing the lawns.

Tom: Hmmm… Not the best option, but I could give it a try if I can't find anything better.

Sarah: Wait a minute! I know! I've seen an advertisement where they needed someone to walk the dogs!

Tom: Great idea! I love dogs! Plus, I still need to walk our labrador, Sammy! Where have you seen the ad?

Sarah: Let me think… I think it is on our school message board.

Tom: Let's check… Aha! Here it is. So, it says that they're looking for a teenager who can walk three dogs in the morning and in the evening. Great! I can even be free all day!

Sarah: What's the wage?

Tom: It doesn't say, but I'll call and find out! Thanks for help, Sarah!

Sarah: You're welcome!

  1. Tom is/is not in the mood today.
  2. Tom doesn't have any pocket money/bad marks.
  3. Tom knows/doesn't know how to earn money.
  4. Tom doesn't like the idea to walk the dogs/babysit.
  5. Tom has got one dog/three dogs.
  6.  Sarah/Tom found an advertisement on a school message board.
  7. The advert gives/doesn't give the information about the wage.

ОГЭ. Лексика: Tips for Teens

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the given words

Adolescence is a hard period of life not only for parents but for teenagers as well. You can find a lot of _____(inform) information and articles for parents. They offer different solutions on how to deal with problem children, how to talk to teenagers and how to make them listen to what they are told to. Still, have you seen much advice given to teens? Although young people won't probably like to listen to any of them at this age, we still want to present three _____(help) helpful tips to those who are facing troubles of this hard period of life.

1. Try not to react too_____(aggressive) aggressively when someone (including us and this article) gives you any advice on your _____(behave) behavior or future life. Try to analyse everything and think whether they are really useful for you.

2. When you can't find a common language with your parents, try to put yourself in their shoes and find a compromise.

3. If you feel any physiological or _____(psychology) psychological changes that bother you, tell your parents about them. In most cases, there are simple _____(explain) explanation to the processes that happen with your body and mind at this time.


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