Инфоурок Другое ТестыКонтрольные упражнения с ответами по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4 grammar challenge

Контрольные упражнения с ответами по английскому языку Spotlight 8 Module 4 grammar challenge

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1. Fill in the correct word (too or enough).

I left the coffee for a minute to cool because it was _____ too hot to drink.

He wasn't strong _____ enough to lift that heavy box.

There aren't _____ enough policemen in our town.

Do you have _____ enough information to help me with this problem?

It is _____ too difficult to do for a little child.

I do not have _____ too much time to prepare dinner

I didn't buy the car because it was _____ too expensive.

He didn't work hard _____ enough to pass the exam.

My mum can't sleep because she drinks _____ too much coffee.

She isn't old _____ enough to start driving.

Grammar: Active or Passive

2. Choose the correct options

1. Her dog _____ by the veterinarian yesterday.

a)      examined

b)      will be examined

c)      was examined

d)      has been examined

2.  Lots of people around the world _____  the English language.

a)      speak

b)      will be spoken

c)      are spoken

d)      have been spoken

3. Mary _____  to the party last week. She looked rather upset.

a)      didn't invite

b)      will invite

c)      wasn't invited

d)      hasn't been invited

 4. The bread _____  downstairs every day.

a)      bakes

b)      will be baked

c)      is baked

d)      has baked

5. My report _____ by the teacher next week.

a)      corrected

b)      will be corrected

c)      was corrected

d)      has been corrected

6. Lucy _____  a wonderful Christmas toy for her grandmother. Look, how beautiful it is!


a)      makes

b)      has been made

c)      was made

d)      has made

7.  Carl _____  a new blog post at the moment.

a)      is typing

b)      will be typed

c)      is being typed

d)      has typed

3. Read the examples and choose the correct options

  1.  My sister goes to school every Monday. 



have smth done

  1.  Mr Brown had his car repaired yesterday. 



have smth done

  1.  New roads are built every year. 



have smth done

  1.  She is having her hair cut at the moment. 



have smth done

  1.  The homework will have been done tomorrow. 



have smth done

  1.  The dog usually barks at strangers. 



have smth done

  1.  Luisa had her house repainted last month. 



have smth done

Формат ВПР. Reading: Top British Fashion Brands

4. Choose the correct heading for each paragraph. There is one extra heading

  1. Fashion is an old passion
  2. Variety is the key to succeed
  3. Age means nothing
  4. Thanks to not big investment
  5. Not indifferent
  6. Successful in everything
  7. Long story but still trendy


Top 6 British clothes brands

London is not only the capital of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but it's also one of the fashion capitals. There are top fashion brands of clothes.


Burberry. One of the most famous British luxury brands with a rich history. It was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 in Hampshire. During the First World War the company made trench coats for military officers which have been popular for over 150 years now — all over the world.

The specific feature of Burberry is a checked print that first was used only as a lining for outerwear, but later it changed, got different colour variations and became the "face" of the brand.

Today the company produces luxurious clothes, shoes and accessories, and even cosmetics.


Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen, a Londoner and a fashion designer, got his fame because of extraordinary shows and clothes collections. All his short life he was trying to raise sharp social questions.

Now the brand is a model of British elegance, and even Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, prefers the brand's outfits.


Mulberry. The history of the brand is very interesting. The founder of Mulberry, Roger Saul, was just over 20 when he decided to create accessories and leather belts. The budget was only 500 pounds!

Today the company also creates clothes, but the bags are the hallmark of the brand. The idea is that the company creates the bags and names them in honour of celebrities. For instance, Mulberry has called its bags by the names of Lana Del Rey, Monica Bellucci, and Alexa Chung. The latest bag is named in honour of the British model and actress Cara Delevingne.


Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney began to be interested in fashion when she was 13. That time she made her first jacket. At the age of 26 Stella became the creative director of Chloé. Later she got an award for a wedding dress for Madonna.

Stella McCartney is a vegetarian and an animal rights sympathiser. That's why she doesn't use


Vivienne Westwood. Despite Vivienne Westwood is more than 70, she goes on to amaze the public with her bold, ambitious collections as well as with her own eccentric image. She began her career with opening a punk shop in London. With leather jackets, ripped T-shirts, rough shoes she became an icon in the punk world.

Her impact on the fashion industry was valued with an award of the British fashion designer (three times!) and with the Order of the British Empire.


Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham is a mother of four kids, a wife of a famous man, a singer of a very popular girls band, and a very prosperous fashion designer now.

Even before becoming a fashion designer Victoria Beckham was admitted as a style icon and the one who has a perfect image. Later, she was asked to create a jeans collection by the company Rock & Republic. And only after that, Victoria Beckham decided to set up her own clothes brand. Clothes made by her are stylish, elegant, and sophisticated.


ОГЭ. Лексика: Looking Like a Londoner

5. Read the text. Change the forms of the given words to make lexically correct text

The style of a Real Londoner combines comfort, _____(elegant) elegance and high quality. To look like a local citizen you should have a trench, which has extreme _____(popular) popularity among both _____(man) men and _____(woman) women. And the absolute _____(lead) leader among the manufacturers is Burberry.

Besides, the trench, an umbrella and Wellington boots are a must! Girls make sure that an umbrella matches a current outfit, and of course, there is more than one pair of Wellington boots of _____(differ) different styles and colours.

Most local people prefer _____(comfort) comfortable, _____(practice) practical clothes. They choose _____(nature) natural and high-quality materials. Bags made of _____(recycle) recycled material are really popular. But at the same time they are fond of something outstanding in a Vivienne Westwood style. And of course, men's style: classy silhouette, a suit and tie, good leather shoes and an excellent watch!


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