Инфоурок Другое ТестыКонтрольные упражнения с ответами Spotlight 8 Module 3 Grammar Tenses + формат ОГЭ, ВПР

Контрольные упражнения с ответами Spotlight 8 Module 3 Grammar Tenses + формат ОГЭ, ВПР

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Who Invented It? The Famous Inventors Quiz

1. Choose the correct item.

1)      Which of these men invented the game of basketball? Walter Camp/ James Naismith

2)      Who came up with disposable diapers? Marion Donovan/ Michael Bay

3)      The cotton gin revolutionized American industry – who invented it? George Washington Carver/ Eli Whitney

4)      Who invented liquid paper in 1954? Bette Nesmith Graham/ Laszlo Biro

5)      Who invented the world's first successful airplane? Karl Drais/ The Wright Brothers

2. Choose the correct verb form to complete each sentence.

I'm an airline pilot. I fly to lots of different places. This month _______the Hong Kong - Bangkok trip.

a)      I do

b)      I am do

c)      I'm doing

d)      I will do

I like watching football but I ___________ it.

a)      never play

b)      am never playing

c)      will never play

d)      do never play

You want to cut down on the snacks. You _______ fat.

a)      are get

b)      get fat!

c)      are getting

d)      getting

My neighbour is such a nuisance. He _______loud music late at night.

a)      always plays

b)      is always playing

c)      always play

d)      has always played

I met her while __________ a training course.

a)      I did

b)      I was doing

c)      I have done

d)      I have been doing

When I was younger, we _________ in London.

a)      were living

b)      were lived

c)      lived

d)      have lived

What exactly ___________________ at 8.15 yesterday evening?

a)      did you do

b)      were you do

c)      have you done

d)      were you doing

When I got home, I realized I ____________ my keys at the office.

a)      had left

b)      left

c)      have left

d)      was leaving

I _________________ to Australia but I'd like to go there some day.

a)      never went

b)      had never been

c)      have never been

d)      was never going

'Where's Andy?' 'He's not here. He_________ to lunch.'

a)      has been

b)      has gone

c)      went

d)      has been going

Формат ОГЭ

3. Open the brackets and put the word in the correct part of speech.

Whenever people pay for goods or services, they use some form of money. Money can be almost anything, as long as everyone agrees on its value. One of the _____(EARLY earliest) forms of money _____(BE was) metal, such as gold or silver. In North America, Native Americans _____(USE used) beads made of shell, called wampum, as a form of money.


Today, the paper money and coins that people use are called currency. Each country has its own form of currency. In the United States, Canada, Australia, and several other countries the currency _____(BE is) the dollar. Other common currencies _____(BE are) the peso, the dinar, the crown, and the rupee. Most countries of the _____(EUROPE European) Union use the euro. Other currencies include the pound in the United Kingdom and the yen in Japan.

4. Read the extract and write true or false.

Before people used money, they bartered, or traded things they had for the things they wanted. For example, a person may have traded five goats for one cow. Bartering was not always simple, though. Each person had to agree that the items being traded had an equal value. Also, each person had to have something that the other person wanted.

People invented money to avoid bartering. Someone with five goats could exchange them for a certain amount of money instead of a cow. The person could then exchange that money for grain, cloth, or other goods of the same value.

1. First people used only bartering. True/false

2. This process wasn’t difficult. True/false

3. People invented money to stop bartering. True/false

Формат ВПР

5. Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст. Заполните пропуски в тексте, вставив в них слова, данные в рамочке. Вставленные слова должны лексически и грамматически соответствовать содержанию текста. В списке даны 4 лишних слова.

always, each, every, good, never, often, skills, well, worked

1worked, 2good, 3skills, 4each, 5never

Paul could not imagine his life without computers. His parents bought him his first computer for his sixth birthday. It took him several days to understand how it 1_______________. And now he is very 2__________________ at it. Paul’s mother said the younger people were, the faster they learned computer 3_________________. That was true, as most of Paul's schoolmates were very competent users. Paul was really surprised to find out that the first personal computer was invented in the 70’s, in the last century. “And how did you chat or send e-mails to 4______________ other without computers?” he asked his mother. She laughed and said they 5__________________ did that. Instead, they played outdoors and visited friends’ homes.


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