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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольные работы (8 класс, УМК: «English VIII» авторов О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева)

Контрольные работы (8 класс, УМК: «English VIII» авторов О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева)

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Название документа test «Education the world of learning»,8кл..docx

TEST «Education: the world of learning».

  1. If only I … a better education!

  1. have b) had c) will have

  1. Most British children attend … schools.

  1. public b) vocational c) comprehensive

  1. Once a term we have a ….

  1. parents’ meeting b) lunch together c) outing

  1. There is some … in Modern languages.

  1. bullying b) setting c) reports

  1. When she failed the exam she broke …

  1. away b) into c) down

  1. school in the USA is a free local school.

  1. private b) mixed c) public

  1. It seemed he had … into thin air.

  1. vanished b) disappeared c) squeaked

  1. Let it be a … to you.

  1. respect b) warning c) relief

  1. Some angry pupils take … on the teachers.

  1. revenge b) care c) trick

  1. A new-comer wanted to … her authority.

  1. control b) expel c) assert

  1. John … to be an air host.

  1. learns b) concentrates c) studies

  1. There were doors that … unless you asked them politely.

  1. open b) wouldn’t open c) won’t open

  1. Horses … and little birds …

  1. neigh, chirp b) croak, howl c) hiss, bark

  1. But for her remark they …complained about the noise.

  1. would b) would have c) have

  1. If she … the doctor’s advice, she … sick now.

  1. had followed, wouldn’t be b) will follow, won’t be c) follows, is

  1. If they … around, I … them.

  1. mess, punish b) will mess, punish c) mess, will punish

  1. Babies like to…

  1. tickle b) to be tickled c) tickles

  1. Why are you so … moving along the corridor?

  1. noisy b) noisily c) noise

  1. He knows three languages but he speaks English …

  1. easy b) easier c) easiest

  1. This time they listened to me … than usual.

  1. patient b) more patiently c) patienter

Название документа test «The world of travelling».docx

TEST «The world of travelling»

  1. Answer the questions (use the new vocabulary)

  1. To what places do people usually go when they go travelling?

  2. What makes people go travelling?

  3. Do more people go travelling on business or for pleasure?

  4. What are the most popular methods of travelling?

  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going by air, by train, by sea, on foot?

  6. In what way have the means of travelling changed since old times to nowadays?

  7. How often do you go travelling? To what places?

  8. What makes a journey enjoyable or hateful?

  9. What do you take with you when you go travelling? What do you bring home from a travel?

  10. Where would you go if you had a chance? Why?

  1. Complete this dialogue


B: Single or return?


B: A week return to Manchester will cost 50$.


B: There’s a train at 3 p.m. and another one at 7.45 p.m.


B: No, they are through trains.


B: Yes, we accept Visa Cards,



  1. Write the synonyms

  1. To be the owner

  2. A ship

  3. Absolutely

  4. A sleeping car

  5. To be sure

  6. To excite

  7. To book a ticket

  8. To go underwater

  9. Happening every year

  10. Not clear

  11. Two things

  12. To shake with cold or fear

  13. Not smooth

  14. A frightening dream

  15. Unhappiness

  16. Naked

  17. To wait for smb

  18. Calm

  19. A travel

  20. To hug

  1. Translate into English

  1. Если бы я услышал звон посуды, я бы подумал о ссоре.

  2. Она часто ездит в деловые поездки за границу?

  3. Среди попутчиков встречаются милые люди, не так ли?

  4. Тебе следовало бы оплатить перевес багажа.

  5. Посмотри, кто там только что пришел.

  6. Ты бы лучше поторопился, если хочешь попасть домой до темноты.

  7. Мы случайно наткнулись на очаровательный домик после долгих поисков.

  8. А это совершенно другая история.

  9. Я бы лучше взяла сумку и косметичку, чем большой и тяжелый чемодан?

  10. На твоем бы месте я бы больше думал(а) о школе, чем о любви.

Название документа test-1, 8кл.doc

8th form

TEST-1 «Choosing a career. The world of jobs»

Write whom you would contact if

you wanted to sell your house _________________________

your bathroom tap were leaking _______________________

all the lights in your house had gone out _______________________

you saw an accident in the street ___________________________

you wanted some medicine to be made up _____________________

you wanted a consultation on some legal problem ____________________

you had a problem with your heart ___________________________

you wanted a plan of a country house you were going to build __________________

Fill in the missing words

When can you hand ............ your papers?

The King handed ……….... his authority to the parliament.

The teacher handed ………... books to all the students.

We know you have the jewels, so hand them .............. .

Certain customs are handed ............to the younger generation.

Complete the sentences

Bob wouldn't have become a good surgeon if _________________________________________

She would be at the seaside if _____________________________________________________

If he were more reliable __________________________________________________________

If I didn't live so far away from school ______________________________________________

Sam will write the assay without mistakes if __________________________________________

If he had managed to buy a ticket for the flight________________________________________

If I don't cheat at the test_________________________________________________________

Guess the words and translate them

T F E R C I R I ____________________________________________________

Q A Y T U I L _____________________________________________________

L A U R O F V ____________________________________________________

X I E I N C G T __________________________________________________

P E C S R E _____________________________________________________

P S Y H I S C I T __________________________________________________

S O J A E L U _____________________________________________________

H T A R I O S _____________________________________________________

D V A A E N C D ___________________________________________________

C Y A U C R C A ___________________________________________________

N E T R T O ________________________________________________________

I R Q E U R E ______________________________________________________

D M B U ___________________________________________________________

Translate into English

Если бы автобус не опоздал, она бы не пропустила поезд в Лондон.

Если он будет жульничать во время игры, брат ему "задаст".

Ты убираешься в комнате сам или это делают за тебя?

Вам необходима (требуется) медсестра, если бабушка больна.

Кто тебя стрижет, Ваня? - Очень талантливый и модный парикмахер.

Если бы Том сейчас не был в Нью Йорке, я бы не чувствовала себя такой одинокой.

Эта работа потребует богатого воображения и большого опыта.

Эта вещь всегда передается по наследству в нашей семье.

Я знала наверняка, что мороженое со вкусом черники не стоит пробовать.


Название документа test-2, 8th.docx

Test 2, the 8th form

Education: the World of Learning

1. Match the words with their definitions:

1 solid a) to touch someone lightly so that he feels funny

2 a wizard b) to disappear

3 to relieve c) to take away pain or worry

4 to tickle d) a man who has magic power

5 to vanish e) hard, strong and reliable

2. Write the phrases in English:

1 экзамен на получение сертификата о среднем образовании

2 классный руководитель

3 информатика

4 доступ в Интернет

5 внеклассная работа

3. Choose the right verb to complete the sentences.

1You must learn/ study this poem for Monday.

2The moon disappeared / vanished at night.

3We are learning/ studying English because we want to work for British company.

4 Many plants have now disappeared/ vanished from the face of the earth.

5 Study/ learn the plan and express your opinion.

4. Use the right form of the verbs to make the sentences complete.

1. If Marry (buy) enough apples at the shop, she (bake) an apple-pie last Sunday.

2. If Kate (know) French, she (speak) it now.

3. If David (not cheat) at his test yesterday, he (not to be punished).

4. If the weather (to be) fine tomorrow, we (go) skiing.

5. If I (to be) you, I (not lie) to your teacher now.

5. Choose the right verb form to complete the sentences. Pay attention to the tenses the parts of the sentences refer to.

1 If Jack (went\ had gone) to university when he was 18, he (would be\ would have been) a doctor now.

2. If he (weren`t\ hadn`t been) encouraged by his teacher to do English when he was at school, he (wouldn`t be\ wouldn`t have been) a successful translator now.

3. Alice (would know\ would have known) more about USA now if she (read\had read) more about this country during the year.

4 Boris (would be\ would have been) healthy now, if he (followed\ had followed)

the doctor`s advice.

5. Jane (would be\ would have been) a winner of the race now if she (trained\had trained) during the year.

6. Make sentences complete using a comparative form.

1. You play too noisy. Can you play (quietly).

2. Yesterday he told this story (cheerfully) than today.

3. Jane is smiling (brightly) of all.

4. The garden looks (good) since you tidied it.

5. They spoke (patiently) today than yesterday.

Test 2, the 8th form

Education: the World of Learning

  1. Write the phrases in English:

1 школа - интернат

2 актовый зал

3 учительская

4 столовая

5 обязательное образование

2. Choose the right verb to complete the sentences.

1 Learn/ study the words for word dictation.

2 He disappeared/ vanished in the crowd and then I saw him again.

3 The sun disappeared / vanished in the dark sky.

4 He is such a bad person, I want him to disappear/ vanish from my life for ever.

5 Many species of animals have now disappeared/ vanished from the face of the earth.

3. Use the right form of the verbs to make the sentences complete.

1. If Mother (buy) all the ingredients, she (bake) our favourite cake for her birthday yesterday.

2. If Dan (know) English, he (speak) it now.

3. If Marry (to be more confident) at the test, she (get) a better mark at Math yesterday.

4. If it (not rain) tomorrow, we (go) swimming.

5. If I (to be) you, I (tell) the truth now.

4. Choose the right verb form to complete the sentences. Pay attention to the tenses the parts of the sentences refer to.

1 If Peter (went\ had gone) to university when he was 18, he (would be\ would have been) a good specialist now.

2. If he (weren`t\ hadn`t been) encouraged by his parents to study English when he was at school, he (wouldn`t be\ wouldn`t have been) a successful translator now.

3. We (would know\ would have known) more about English speaking countries now if we (read\had read) more information about them during the year.

4 Grandmother (wouldn`t be\ wouldn`t have been) sick now, if she (began\ had begun)

to take the pills before.

5. They (would be\ would have been) winners of the game now if they (trained\had trained) during the year.

5. Make sentences complete using a comparative form.

1 He answered quite (easily) than we expected.

2 She swam (quickly) of all the children.

3 He was seriously ill (seriously) than we thought at first.

4 Today the sun shines (brightly) of all the days of May.

5 When I wear glasses I can see (clearly).

6. Match the words with their definitions:

1 to concentrate a) someone who studies philosophy

2 to relieve b) to make someone do something when he doesn`t want to

3 a philosopher c) to take away pain or worry

4 to force d) to think hard about or look hard at something

4 a dormitory e) a line of people who are waiting to do something

5 a queue f) a big bedroom for a lot of people

Название документа test-4, 8th.docx

Test 4 «The world of science and technology»

1. must/ have to/ can/ be allowed / could/ couldn`t/ may/ might

  1. You ………. do the shopping. I went to the supermarket this evening.

2 . You …… be quiet in the library according to the rules.

3. ……. we eat in the classrooms? – No, we ……… . It is out of order!

4. Don`t forget to pack a sweater. It …… be cold in Scotland. ( You are sure).

5. She`ll …… study harder if she wants to pass the exam.

6. Adam …… speak Spanish when he was five but he ….. swim.

7. Melissa ……wash the dinner dishes. (You`re 50% sure she will do it).

8. David …….. take the books to the library (You`re 30% sure he will do it).

9. Can I park here? – No, you …… to.

10. It`s getting dark, I …. go home.

  1. Phrasal verb –to see-

1. I`ll take care of your flat while you are out.

2. Last month he met Jeremy quite often.

3. I`m going to the station to say good bye to my friend.

4. Our teacher is so clever; she always understands when we are cheating.

5. Good bye, I`ll meet you soon.

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Выразить мнение

  2. Действовать на нервы

  3. Безразличный взгляд

  4. Большая поставка продуктов

  5. В любом случае

  6. Побить рекорд

  7. На всякий случай

  8. Предсказать будущее

  9. Настаивать на…

  10. Большое разнообразие товаров

4. none/ neither/ different/ various/ beside/ besides/ variety/ difference/ to invent/ to discover

1. These socks are not a pair. They are ….. .

2. You can find …… books in the library.

3. My ideas of success are absolutely …… from hers.

4. He doesn`t want to go to the disco, ….. he has a lot of work to do.

5. You can put the chair …… this table.

6. The …… of wildlife is amazing.

7. I have two good friends, ……. of them is my classmate.

8. Who …… mobile phone?

9 ….. of us have seen today`s newspaper.

10. Scientists have ……. a new virus.

5. Match the English words and word combinations with their Russian equivalents:

1. essential problems a. выключатель

2. manned spaceship b.руководство пользователя

3 . vehicle c.процессор

4. fuel e.отсутствие гравитации

5. zero gravity f.материнская плата

6. disk drive g. космический корабль с человеком на борту

7. mother board h.основные проблемы

8. power switch i.транспортное средство

9. user`s manual j.портативный компьютеру

10. CPU k.устройство защиты от перепадов напряжения

11. laptop l.топливо

12. surge protector m.зонд

13. device o.корабль многоразового использования

14. probe p.средство, приспособление

15.shuttle q.дисковод

Название документа Покупки, тест, 8кл.doc

the 8th form


  1. Can you say what it is?

  1. A product made for stiffening cloth;

  2. Unwillingness to act;

  3. Money in coins or notes;

  4. A long narrow cut;

  5. Goodness and nobleness of a character;

  1. Answer the questions

  1. If you want to spend money, do you pay it in or withdraw it?

  2. Who helps customers in the bank?

  3. How can you pay?

  4. What sort of problem(s) do you usually come across?

  5. When and why do you feel confused?

  1. Choose the right item

  1. _______ is the make of his car?

  1. which b) what c) where

  1. She ____ not answer your question, it’s too personal (I’m sure).

  1. might b) can c) may

  1. Take off this stupid hat, you look _____ in it.

  1. funny b) ridiculous c) hilarious

  1. Of all the clocks in the house ____ _____ the oldest.

  1. this is b) these are c) they are

  1. A ____ is a long fastener made of 2 sets metal or plastic teeth and a sliding piece.

  1. zipper b) lace c) buckle

  1. Translate into English

  1. Где мы можем купить предметы сервировки стола?

  2. Если бы у меня был счет в банке, у меня была бы чековая книжка.

  3. Она предпочитает делать покупки в торговом центре: там хорошее обслуживание и часто бывают скидки.

  4. Что на тебя нашло? Почему ты такой злой?

  5. Вам придется носить форму, даже если она вам не идет.

  6. Все эти деньги уже потрачены.

  7. Как вы думаете, стоит сходить на дискотеку 14 февраля?

  8. Не могли бы вы разменять 100 евро, банкомат дал все деньги сотнями.

  9. Они вдруг оробели, но никто не обратил на это внимание.

  10. Какого цвета твоя пижама: белая или синяя? – Черная, шелковая.

  1. Give three forms of the verbs and translate them

To flap, to sink, to lay, to wrap, to strike, to chew, to teach, to cheat, to pay, to cost


Краткое описание документа:

Данные контрольные работы по английскому языку составлены для проверки знаний и умений по определенным темам (разделам учебника) и предназначены для учащихся 8 класса (тесты составлены по УМК: «EnglishVIII» авторов  О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева). В контрольных работах предлагаются материалы на закрепление нескольких тем учебника: "Образование", "Профессии", "Покупки и магазины" и др.

Задания интересны и разносторонне, повышают познавательную активность и мотивацию учащихся к изучению английского языка. Учитель реализует личностно-ориентированный подход в обучении и приучает детей к самостоятельной работе.


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