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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольные работы по английскому языку по УМК "Spotlight" (5 - 9 классы)
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  • Иностранные языки

Контрольные работы по английскому языку по УМК "Spotlight" (5 - 9 классы)


Spotlight 5

Module 4

Test 4

  1. Listen and complete the card

My best friend

Name: Alisa

Age: 1) ……


  • tall and thin

  • long, red hair and 2)….. eyes

Family: one brother and 3) … sister(s)

Hobbies: 4)…., playing the piano and singing

She can: speak 5)… and Russian

  1. Choose the right word

  1. I am here! Look at (I, me).

  2. Claire is pretty. (She, her) eyes are big and blue.

  3. Did you call them? (They, their) car is in front of the house.

  4. Who is that girl? What’s (she, her) name?

  5. Dad, can I ask (his, you) something?

  6. Miss Smith is (us, our) English teacher.

  1. Fill in with can, can’t

  1. … you speak French? No, I …

  2. Mark … play tennis. He plays on Mondays.

  3. My dad … fly a plane. He is a pilot.

  4. … Ann and Susan paint? Yes, they…

  5. This is easy! You .. do it.

  1. Make sentences using the imperative

1. do the task (+) 2. listen to the teacher (+)

3. come to the blackboard (-) 4. close the door (-)

  1. Choose the correct word

  1. Lisa is a baby. She is (big, small).

  2. My sister’s got (long, big) hair.

  3. Dad’s tall with (fair, good) hair.

  4. My teacher’s got a (kind, small) nose.

  5. Wendy’s short and (tall, thin).

6. Choose the correct response

1. Who is she?

a. My best friend

2. How old are they?

b. The USA

3. Where is his house?

c) It’s Mark

4. Whose car is this?

d) In London

5. Where are they from?

e)They are twelve and fourteen

Spotlight 5

Module 9

Test 9

Task №1 Choose the correct word

  1. Musicians play in the theatres\concert halls.

  2. Let’s go to see a play at the theme park\theatre.

  3. I don’t like theme parks\zoos. I’m scared of roller coasters.

  4. I’m looking for a teddy\toy train.

  5. Buy aspirin from the florist’s\chemists.

Task №2 What’s the English for

1. булочная

4. картинная галерея

7. Как мне добраться до зоопарка?

2. Могу Я Вам помочь?

5. комедия

8. налево

3. Мне бы хотелось купить книгу.

6. мелодрама

9. на углу улицы

Task №3 Make the sentences

  1. the, opposite, restaurant, it’s, food, fast.

  2. film, what, is, this, about?

  3. it, don’t, miss!

  4. take, you, photographs, mustn’t.

  5. much, does, it, how, cost?

Spotlight 7

Module 6

1. Complete the phrases: candy, perform, go on, pool, famous, explore, designated, rocket, fun, theme, obey, cartoon, no diving, reserve, send

1. a water ride, 2. a place, 3. park, 4. fair, 5. tricks, 6. journey, 7. floss, 8. landmarks, 9. characters, 10. a haunted mansion, 11. lifeguards, 12. an e-mail, 13. safety 14. areas 15. signs

2. Fill in the gaps with play, make, have, go

1. ____webpage 2. ___ a tree house 3. ____rafting 4. ____ IT classes 5. ___ swimming

3. Fill in: round, across, out, back

1. He …. this chessboard in an antiques shop.

2. They … to their home town because they missed it.

3. John … to see my new stereo.

4. His new book … recently.

5. She came … to the country a month ago.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect

1. She … (never\travel) abroad.

2. … (you ever\see) this film?

3. They … (not\play) the game yet.

4. … (you\ever\speak) to any funny cartoon character at Disneyland?

5. She … (never\meet) this woman before.

6. He … (never\fly) a plane.

7. We … (just\write) an interesting story.

8. … (ever\hear) such strange sounds?

9. I … (already\read) the letter.

5. Form opposite adjectives

1. What an … film! (believable)

2. It’s … to do it right now. (possible)

3. Your reaction is completely … (logical)

4. The long beginning makes your story … (balanced)

5. Don’t be so …! (responsible)

6. Whats the English for:

1. кататься на колесе обозрения 2. пожимать друзьям руки 3. ходить в поход 4. побывать в лагере 5. навестить кого-либо 6. пиратский корабль 7. покупать сувениры 8. отправляться на сафари 9. попасть в беду 10. кататься на верблюде

*7. Write a letter to your friend about your visit to a theme park. Include its name, location, what you did and saw there.

Spotlight 7

Module 8

Test 8

  1. Fill in: collect, teach, soil, watering, toxic, recycle, plastic, factory

    1. ….fumes 2. … waste 3. …rubbish 4. …cans 5. … pollution 6. … bag 7. … can 8. …the cycle of life

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb make in the appropriate form

    1. I can’t …. what you are talking about.

    2. It’s not true. She … the whole story.

    3. Tom …. Jane a few days ago. They are friends again now.

    4. Don’t ….! I don’t believe you!

  1. Complete with the present perfect or present perfect continuous

    1. We ….. trees for a week now. (plant)

    2. The children … the pond yesterday. (clean out)

    3. She …. doing her homework. (already, finish)

    4. My uncle …. To Save the Whales for a long time. (donate)

    5. How long …. nesting boxes? (you, build)

    6. He … all day. (study)

  1. Fill in: have to, don’t have to

    1. You … water the flowers. I’ve done it.

    2. She … take the dog for a walk before she leaves.

    3. You … give me a lift. I will walk.

    4. We … do something to help the planet.

    5. He … go to the desert to see camels. He can see them at the zoo.

  1. Fill in the correct question tag

    1. She isn’t here, …?

    2. They live in Paris, …?

    3. The boys are playing football now, …?

    4. He couldn’t swim when he was three, …?

    5. Ann and Peter went to the concert hall yesterday, …?

  1. Choose the correct response

    1. Can I give you a hand cleaning the pond? a) No , thanks, I’m fine

b) That’s right

2. How can I help you? a) That’s very generous b) I’m interested in making a donation

3. Would you like me to collect rubbish? a) Yes, please b) That’s right

  1. What’s the English for:

1. кислотные дожди, 2. естественная среда обитания, 3. виды животных,

4. загрязнение воздуха, 5. сажать цветы, 6. выживать в тропических лесах,

7. банковский счёт, 8. уехать из города, 9. аргументы за и против, 10. садовые перчатки и грабли

Spotlight 9

Module 6

Test 6

Task 1 Make the sentences with the help of abstract nouns

  1. We have known each other since our … (child).

  2. I’m sick and tired of your … (lazy).

  3. It’s all your … (imagine), nothing else.

  4. They were very afraid of the … (dark) in the forest.

  5. There’s a …. (possible) that the museum will be closed when you get there.

Task 2 Fill in the right preposition

  1. If you show affection … your pet, it’ll be happy.

  2. We were rescued … bad homes.

  3. Tom has got involved … a community action group.

  4. She has checked …the items on her list.

  5. Take care … my little son when I’m out.

  6. They checked … at the hotel and they were shown to their rooms.

Task 3 What’s the English for

  1. Общественные службы

  2. Сеть рек и каналов

  3. Снимать деньги со счёта

  4. Хорошо проводить время

  5. Сообщить о пожаре

  6. Продвижение по службе

  7. Навещать пожилого человека

  8. Благотворительная акция

Spotlight 9

Module 6

Lessons 6a/6b

Task 1 Match the words

  1. animal

a. event

2. burst

b. members

3. charity

c. choice

4. foster

d. shelter

5. staff

e. a full recovery

6. natural

f. home

7. make

g. into tears

Task 2 Whats the English for

1. отвечать на телефонные звонки

2. помогать очищать лес

3. протянуть руку помощи

4. поддержать в трудной ситуации

5. переходить улицу по «зебре»

6. смотреть правильно за животными

7. кольцевая автодорога

8. заказать номер

Spotlight 9

Module 8

Lessons 8a-8b

Task 1 match the words

1. total

a. damage

2. burn

b. bruised

3. face

c. a disaster

4. perfectly

d. miracle

5. wannabe

e. an accident

6. brain

f. attitude

7. seriously

g. still

8. experience

h. her head

9. survive

I. film maker

10. positive

j. challenges

Task 2 Match the synonyms

1. soon

a. come into sight

2. appear

b. quit

3. understand

c. plant

4. face

d. before long

5. give up

e. keep mind on

6. place firmly

f. deal with

7. concentrate

g. gigantic

8. huge

h. realise

Task 3 Write the correct response

1. Have you done something to your leg? …………………………………..

2. I’m going to join an extreme sports club. ……………………

3. Want to try skydiving with me? ……………………….

4. What do you think about taking up a new hobby? ………………………

Task 4 What’s the English for:

1. Вдохновение

2. Выглядеть угнетённым

3. Жалеть кого-либо

4. Царапать ногу

5. Выиграть соревнование

6. Выглядеть нездоровым

7. Ужасное событие (случай)

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Краткое описание документа:

В данной работе вашему вниманию предлагаются контрольные и самостоятельные работы по английскому языку для учащихся 5, 7, 9 классов по УМК "Spotlight" под редакцией Ю.Е.Ваулиной, О.Е.Подоляко и др.

Для 5 класса - контрольные работы по 4 и 9 модулям.

Для 7 класса - контрольные работы по 6 и 8 модулям.

Для 9 класса - контрольные работы по 6 и 8 модулям, а также самостоятельная работа по 6 модулю на знание лексики 1 и 2 уроков 6 модуля.

В данных контрольных работах включены задания на знания лексики, грамматики, фразовых глаголов и предлогов.

Можно использовать вместо контрольных работ в книгах для тестов или как дополнительный материал при подготовке к контрольной работе.  

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