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Красный цвет в английском языке . The value of red colour

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  • The value of red color in Russia.The work prepared 
By the student 6 class “F...

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    The value of red color in Russia.
    The work prepared
    By the student 6 class “F" Bliev Eldar.

  • Long since in Russia, red was the color of beauty and of courage. In fairy t...

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    Long since in Russia, red was the color of beauty and of courage. In fairy tales we often hear of the "red girl",a building made of red brick,and ,of course,simisola Red Square. Therefore, the red color is always associated with Rosie and the Russian people.

    Russian everyday concepts XVII — XIX centuries. the red color symbolizes courage, war and heroism.
    In the Russian language is often "red" combinations: Red square, Red hill, Red hill, Red sun, red - girl, etc. this is guessed some mystery. Today is a mystery, but hundreds of years ago - ordinary.
    Slavs adorned his clothing protective embroidery.
    The main color of the embroidery was red, it symbolized the fire. Embroidery on the clothes of the Slavs was seen as a talisman, and wore shirts which were embroidered collar, hem, cuffs of sleeves, i.e. to the intersection of the human body with the outside world.
    In addition to the charms embroidery is still a wonderful mood. The Vyatichi was particularly revered color is red and black. Red is the color of the rising Sun and the color of spilled blood. Black is the color of his native Land watered with the blood of their Ancestors and the color of charcoal hearth and home, which always need to be protected.
    The Slavs created a palette of "red" names: Red square, Red hill. Became General Slavic holiday Red hill – celebrating the Exodus of Slavs from the Carpathians to the future Kiev in 430 ad, In the future, the holiday has become widespread as a spring festival of the Sun with the participation of boys and girls of marriageable age. This holiday is well described in a fairy tale Opera the snow maiden, but the action in it is somehow not the Slavs, and the Turks berendeys. On the feast of Red hill arranged the wedding. This custom of the pagan times survived to the present day.
    If the word red is considered a synonym only beautiful, the combination of the Red corner clearly needs some explanation.
    The concept of the Red corner in the house, in the upper room is also rooted in pagan antiquity. On light angle Slavs prayed to their one God Almighty present in various guises – Veles, Perun, Dazhdbog, Sventovit... pagan holidays brought into the house and put in the Red corner birch branches. Started the Christian time, the house is made tighter birch and willow twigs, and began to pray to the new God. The faces of the Icons with his image placed is, of course, in the Red corner at home. Here on a shelf for icons, as in a safe Deposit box put all the most valuable.
    Red hills. Currently, this combination of words for us already is not a secret. This, of course, from ancient Slavic.
    A lot of "sacred" stones today can be seen in the ravines and at the foot of the hills named old Red. In the Christianization of Rus rocks were thrown from high places, but the hills and the folk memory remains.
    On the sites of ancient temples and pagan temples now there are Christian chapels and churches, but many people still continue to believe in the miraculous power even dropped stones.

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