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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Кратко-срочный план на тему "Welcome section"

Кратко-срочный план на тему "Welcome section"

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Theme: Welcome section A.

Teacher: Barikova Zhanar

The aims:

This section is designed to serve as a review, giving students the opportunity to revise and practice language they

already know, and it is also a tool for teachers to find out how much students know already and which areas students may

need to do more work on before continuing with the course.

Parts of the lesson



Teacher’s action of management

Cognitive action of students

Visual aids, resources

Modules using by the lesson


7 minute

І part

1. Organization moment: greeting the students.

2.Dividing the class into groups.

3.Checking student’s home work.

1.Good morning! How are you?

2. Divides students.

3. To check student’s home work.

-Morning! We are fine!

Group: “Do” and “Does”

Students read their home work.

book, stick papers

  1. New approaches in teaching.

  1. Teaching critical thinking.

  1. Assessment for learning & assessment of learning.

  1. The use of ICT in teaching education.

  1. Teaching gifted & talented students.

  1. Teaching & learning under the age of pupils.

  1. Management & leadership training.

Presentation of the lesson

5 minute

ІІ part.

Read & listen

Ask students what job they would like to do when they are older. Play the recording while students read and answer the questions.

Use the method “Snowball”

Students play the recording again pausing to check for understanding.

English in Mind 2, for Kazakhstan, 9 th grade, Student's Books

Main part

8 minute

ІІІ part


To introduce the present continuous, mime some actions & ask the class to describe what you are doing. Write an example on the board & draw attention to the use of to be & the –ing form to describe actions happening now.

Students complete the exercise & check answers with a partner before open class feedback.

English in Mind 2, for Kazakhstan, 9 th grade, Student's Books

2 min

Physical minute

CD disk

10 мин

ІV part


Ask students to explain the difference between the two sentences.

Students read and complete the exercise. Check answers.

copybook and pen.

5 minute

V part

Vocabulary. Puzzle.

Group work.

Ask students what they like doing in their free time. Encourage students to explain when they do their hobbies & why they enjoy them.

In pairs or small groups, students complete the sentences.

English in Mind 2, for Kazakhstan, 9 th grade, Student's Books


5 minute

VI part


Have to \ don’t have to

Read the examples with students. Make sure they understand that have to is used when somebody tells you to do something & don’t have to is used when something is not necessary.

Students read through sentences 3-6. Go through the first item with them as an example.

English in Mind 2, for Kazakhstan, 9 th grade, Student's Books


1 minute

VIІ part

Evaluating by criteria of assessment.

Puts summative assessment.

-Give each other smiles and say their opinions.


Home assignment

1 minute

VІІI part

Dialogue and text.


Explains homework.

Ex. 1- 4 p.2. WB

Write on a diary.


English in Mind 2, for Kazakhstan, 9 th grade, Work Books

Reflection of the lesson

1 minute

2 stars, 1 offer.

I like ……………
It seems ……………

During a lesson ……
My mood was ………
Methods of the lesson....................


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