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Кроссворд "What's the weather like today?"

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A. Do this puzzle and find out what I never miss on TV.

The images and the cues below will help you.


1 When the weather is like this, you have to be careful with your things because they may fly away.

2. When the land is dry, farmers wish for this kind of weather.

3. It’s not cold, but it isn’t very hot either.

4. A violent, whirling windstorm that crosses land in a narrow path, destroying everything on its way.

5. A TV or radio presenter that provides information from meteorologists.

6. It’s also referred to as a cyclone or a tornado.

7. Tempestuous weather.

8. Ice crystals that fall from the clouds when it’s too cold.

9. If the weather is like this, the land will look like a white mantel.

10. This type of weather may cause wildfires.

11. When the temperature is like this, it is as if you were in a refrigerator.

12. A very powerful, sometimes violent storm with strong winds and heavy rains that begins over a warm sea, near the equator.

13. Wet or showery weather.

14. The weather is like this when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

15. An atmospheric electrostatic discharge accompanied by thunder.


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